Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working Hard on????

Hi everyone--I have been real busy working on my 100th post give away--this post makes 91 for this site, Quilting is Blissful, so as the tradition seems to be a giveaway on the 100th, I had to get busy--and everyone needs to visit often to see when it will be--as sometimes I post everyday and sometimes only every other day---soooooooooooooo?????

Little sister, Barb, has been working on my kitchen cupboards and on my walk in closet shelves, in cleaning them and organizing them--she really is very good at this--I start out doing it--but unfortunately I can get distracted easily--with a Quilt magazine or project and the closet is "history"!!!!

Here's some more living room pictures:
And Here is a picture of a Bluebird plate and how it is displayed in one of my china cabinets:
The berry candle ring is new--we just had a new country store open up and it one of the things I got there for only $1.79--I just love berry rings and garlands.

And we need another flower of the day picture:
Found these little flowers in bloom a couple days ago in one of my gardens--they are so small and pretty looking.

Have Wonderful Day--see ya soon--Just, Di

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  1. Keeping an eye on your blogs, Di! Oops, word verification is -retries- hope it isn't an omen for todays work!


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