Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Am I having "fun" yet???

I do believe our summer weather is on it's way--actually I liked the weather the way it was--so far--but maybe a little more sunshine is all--but oh well--I can usually sew in any kind of weather!! Am working on another quilt shop model for my local shop--it's a Chmas one from Hatched and Patched--I am doing all the applique and the embroidery--I am about half-way done--pictures tomorrow on them--!!

Today I thought I would show you some pictures I just took of our complex from the outside:
This the community garden--it's really growing this year!!!!
This is one section in the back side--
This is a part of the one wing--from the above picture to the east of the wing--
And this picture goes to the west of the first picture--
This in the front of the building in front of the main office and this is where everyone sits to wait the world go by and do their gossiping--Oh now it's not called gossiping it's just entertainment????
And this is the east wing in the front on the street side and my apartment is the one upstairs with the A/C in the window--and talking about A/C's I hope my newest neighbors don't mind ac noise--you see for the past week now a family of sparrow's has been making a big nest right under the ac--I have watched them work soo hard at this and today one even came in with a big white feather to pad the nest!!!!
And one pretty picture from nature--a old style rose from a bush across the street--well I am off to do the Minnesota blog shop hop--won't you join me????

Have a great one tomorrow---hugs, Di

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