Friday, June 5, 2009

I AM 100 POSTS OLD!!!!

As this is my 100th post--be sure to read all of this post--surprise is at the end???

Ok--I did get some good pictures of the new red kitchen today and they are ready for you to see--(I also got lots more pictures of flowers--can you tell I like flowers?????)

Here we go: Notice the old metal step stool in the first two pictures and the cute cover I made for it from 2 of the fabrics--it comes off real easy, when I need to use the stool to reach those "high" things and cupboards!!!!

In the above picture I made the red plaid curtain--the stitchery is an old one that is a stamped cross stitch that my Mom did long time ago--I had it hanging elsewhere, but decided it was perfect for under the new curtains--the little red metal hanging rack was a rummage sale item a few years ago and had been my cup hook--now it holds these aprons.
This shows the new picture board little sister made me out of the black and white cow fabric--as you can see I like to collect pictures of kids and cats and I had them on the front of the frig.
Here is where I used the red and white stripped cow fabric--for a curtain effect from the kitchen to the living room.
And here is the corner as you go into the kitchen--as you can see here I like to have small lamps lite all day--the red and white enamel oval pan I use as my dish drainer!!!!!

Okay Diane enough about your kitchen--these bloggers are hungry for another" give-away", so lets get to that:
First off--I need to say I am not totally sure just what this "give-away" will be--as I am going "treasure hunting" tomorrow so something just might shout that "it" wants to be in the giveaway too--but I do know what one of the gifts will be and it is something I just finished fairly recently--so here are the rules:
1. Tell me your favorite color
2. Tell me your guess of what be the gift I have in mind to give might be
3.AND OF COURSE LEAVE ME A COMMENT ( I know I can be "funny" at times!!!

This is open until June 8th at noon--that's Monday--NY time--Ok go for it bloggers!!!

Have a great wonderful and safe weekend, you'all----Be thinking of you--Just, Di

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  1. Congratulations Di! The kitchen looks very nice. My favourite colour is lilac (at the moment...)or green...I think you will stitch something cute for the winner (you are so clever). Have a lovely day! Hugs, Anne-Lise


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