Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Rain doesn't stop them--

It's raining it's pouring--but the old man was not snoring today--not around here, anyways????
Today was our annual Cardboard Boat races and let me tell you--rain doesn't stop these people--They have a parade first of all the boats, but today, it was kinda hard to see the actual boats as everyone had them covered to keep the wet out before they got them wet in the lake, but here's a few pictures for you--
Oh and there was still a crowd to watch the parade:
And I believe this group was with one of the boats:
This one was cute--two young girls were sitting on the tailgate and blowing bubbles and they had on shower caps and the cutest outfits:
Here's one:
Here's the young boys boat--they had clear plastic garbage bags on for raincoats--soo cute:
And here is one with little girls riding on it--they were so cute:
And here is one of big boys boats from one of the colleges near here: I think it's a law here for this boat race that if you are of age you must carry a beverage container in your hands--no one is with one!!!!!
And here is some of my fellow residents here at the Jefferson watching from our parking lot--they don't let some of them out--but I can come and go as I please?????---JUST JOKING--
And at the cross walk I seen this beautiful dog--He was a big one and his coloring was just beautiful and he was well behaved!!!!
When I went to get these pictures it was only raining alittle--but it poured after I came back in and it rained hard off and on all day--but it didn't keep people from coming--so I guess we can say my town was all wet today!!!!

Here's another little project that I did get done this afternoon, besides the sewing I showed you on my workbasket site:
I have had this wooden chicken for a long, long time and I have not really liked her dress--SOOOO today she got a new one:
She sure looks different now--bright and cheery--and did you notice that she had aprons on her dress and that it has chickens on it--how funny!!!!

Well, need to go for now--some fabric sites are calling my name--Have a wonderful Sunday and stay dry---Hugs, Di


  1. Oh what fun those boat races must be *s*

  2. Hey Diane I really enjoyed your photos! The rain keeps coming down here in NJ as well.


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