Sunday, July 19, 2009


:Happy Sunday to everyone--or I at least hope it was a Happy day for everyone??? I did get a call this morning from my quilt shop on a class that had finally had enough to sign up so we could it--so I did walk over town to pay for the class and get the material list--and this is the sight I enjoyed:
I always pass this house on my way there and I love the color of the house and they always have a big red geranium on the white cart on the porch--the only thing missing for me would be the rocking chair!!!!!

AND THIS IS THE BIG PICTURE; we get alot of bikers driving though here and I just love it when I see a whole row of them all lined up so nice and neat like this!!!!
And this one must be the leader of the pack:
And to just you know that we "let" anybody in town----we will even let "squirrels" ride into town on a cycle!!!!!!!!!!

Did I purchase any thing at the Quilt shop today---Well--you will have to tune in tomorrow to find out that answer?????

This flower picture and the one at the very top were also found on my way back home!!

See ya tomorrow---Hugs, just, Di

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