Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun Sunday!!

Well--while everyone was out on picnic's here in blog land and everywhere else--my-sister and I went on a little shopping adventure!!!! ( We are not HOT Dog fans--even though we did buy some organic ones at the Farmer's Mkt on Friday and we need try them on Saturday night--and they were very good--yet very spicy for us--but next time we will boil them first and see if that helps, plus I think they would be great in soup or beans, maybe!!! these had no sodium nitrates in them either!!) OK Diane back to the story at hand here---We headed out about 11:00 on Sunday and went first to the new Country shop up town--and I finally broke down and got the little lamp i had been looking at for awhile to go on the top of the new Hoosier:
It was only $8.95--not bad price!! And I also started this collection--
She got in a line of "cats" and alot of them have cute hats on their heads--this one also has a pot of flowers with it--there is 2 sizes and they are some different--so will probably get more--(hey, at least it is not more fabrics and patterns!!!!) and behind the cat is a cute stem of a flower and again there is a couple different sizes of these--soooo!!! Then we went for this--for lunch--
Pizza--we can get large slices with a drink for $3.50 here--so it's a cheap lunch and we each eat one slice--then I got into trouble--we went across the street to my quilt shop and this is what followed me home:

I got the fabric for Sue Daley's English paper piecing bag #10 that I had picked up the other day--They are basically green's, deep reds, and tan--i just have one problem--the pattern does not tell you how much fabric you will need to make a quilt--so I got a yard of each for now--I may only make a wall hanging once I get into it--right????

And I got these 4 fat quarters to a new line, Sue just got in--as I was thinking about maybe using this line--but I think I will use the other one--at least that's today's thinking!!!!! Then we stopped at one thrift store and I purchased this:

Another picture for my collection--See I can make a "collection" out of most anything--just give me time????

Well, I must go--am posting a little early as we are expecting those good ole thunder storms soon--oh well, at least I don't have to carry water to the garden!!!

See ya tomorrow--have fun stitching--Hugs, Just, Di

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  1. Looks like you picked up some good stuff on your shopping. *mmmm* Hot dogs - you're makin' me hungry. Maybe I should go have my breakfast *s*


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