Friday, July 10, 2009

Here a Stitch--There a Stitch!!

It seems lately I get to do is add a couple stitches here and a couple stitches there--My hope is that all these " here and there's" will add up to some finished blocks and projects--but at this rate it may take me months to do a simple project????? I did basically get my Tisket/Tasket block done but if you remember I am putting each of mine into separate wall hanging so I can put them on my front door for each month--I now have to put the backing on and do some quilting on it and add the binding and buttons--!!! and I did get two more blocks "prep" today to sew--but??????
I was quilting away this morning when my sister dropped by and said "put your shoes on , we are going to a rummage sale down the street" so off we went--it was the kind of sale I really like--the stuffed cat was 10cents, and the other two where each 5 cents--you just can't bet those prices--and those were the same prices on the following pictures--

Three bears:
three bunnies:
And two cute pigs--why pigs, I am not sure--guess they looked like they needed a new home??

Now my bestest buy though has a story to them--remember yesterday I went to a Red Hat gathering--at Denise's house--well, she had the prettiest lace curtains at her bow windows and I asked her where she got them and she said she had gotten them a few years ago at a party line--oh well, there went that idea--I thought they would look "cool" in my living room--this morning over at the sale==what do I find but some lace curtains in the same style (package says, it's called the Fan-style) there was 2 panels out of a package and 2 panels still in the package--so I got 4 panels (only need 3!!) for--are you ready for this==for $1.00 total--now that has to be the rummage sale find of the week--maybe the month???? yes I did take a picture, but some how it disappeared on the computer--so will wait and do one once I get them hung up.

Tonight's flower picture:
This is a bowling ball in the flower bed--isn't it pretty???

Well, all you bloggers out there--I wish everyone a great fun filled week-end---stay safe!!!

Hugs, just, Di

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  1. Well it sounds like you had a great time at the rummage sale! I haven't been to any yet this year but I do like to go and look for books. I can't wait to see your curtains they sound pretty.



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