Monday, July 13, 2009

It was one of "those" days!!!

It was one of those days, where I had to go from Plan A, to Plan B, and then it was really Plan C or maybe even Plan D that finally worked out:
Plan A--when I went to bed last night was: Mary's tea at 10:30--laundry--lunch--interview a puppy for me giving it a new home-computer--supper--sewing--bed????

then when I got up this morning--I knew the puppy thing just wasn't right, so went to Plan B--Mary's tea at 10:30--laundry--lunch--computer--supper--sewing---

WELL, that did not come off either--Plan C or D at this point came out as follows--tea for Mary at 10:45--stayed til 11:30--laundry room still busy--so had lunch then did a little applique on Tozz's "On my Heart" block then went in sewing room to do alittle work and had planned to do some sewing machine work--but got interrupted and had to go outside to help someone and then I just had to check my flower garden

and I needed to stop by Mary's again--well--I was at Mary's visiting for nearly 2 hours--by then I was soo tired I needed a short nap--then I did discover the laundry room was free, so did my laundry--had supper--went outside and took some pictures--

came in and here I am on the computer and it is nearly 9 pm here--so much for getting more sewing done--BUT--I did work on my YO-YO's while in the laundry room and I got 12 more done--I am excited as I have over 100 now done--I may get this UFO made into a quilt yet??????
If you remember -- My goal has been to sew at least 3 yo-yo's a day while waiting for this computer to down load at times--I did miss one day so far--but made it up the next day--so my goal was to have 100 done by the end of July--so now I have to up that goal--guess I will make it 200--yep that sounds good ( don't tell anyone--but I have NO idea how many I will need to make this quilt????????)
This is block 1 of a new BOM that I am buying off the Internet--all the blocks have "birds" on them and I just love birds--the pattern was also done in my favorite colors--pinks and blues--but by the time pattern got here, I thought I would try the blue with yellow--well the block came out okay--but I do not know if I am 100% pleased with it--maybe I need to do it over and do the pinks and blues??????

Well, have a great day tomorrow--see ya soon--hugs, just, Di


  1. Aren't yo yos fun to have on hand? I started my hexagon stars the same way - just began basting pieces with no idea how many I would need. When I had a LOT I started putting them together. Now nearly 4 years later, it's taking shape into an actual quilt. Just keep at it - suddenly one day before your eyes, you'll see a quilt has emerged *s*

  2. I just love all those red and white yo yos. Since I am new to your blog, what are you going to do with them?


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