Friday, July 24, 2009

Life does not want me to quilt????

I do believe that "life" does not want me to get any sewing done???? It seems everytime I sit to quilt someone comes and wants me to go someplace, or I need to leave cause someone has done something "smelly" around here and I have to leave til the air clears--or there's a crisis of some kind--like I said it's just that thing called "life"--you would think that with no DH or any kids at home or even living in the same state, that my life and my time would be a free as a bird--well, like I said think again--bloggers--it just doesn't work that way???? Ok Diane enough crying in your milk--get on to some good stuff!!!!

Bee's--well here is a Bee of a story for you--the maintenance man here at the Jefferson Apts decided to spray along the building for the weeds -- and they had gotten him some spray that is "organic"--well--I am all for organic, believe me--but I also know that just because it says on the label organic doesnot mean that it is safe to be used or "breathed"--and this stuff was "toxic" to breathe--I live on the 2nd floor--but it was sooo strong that it still came in the window's--so my sister and I decided a little walk around town was "calling us"--and we had seen a house down the street about 5 blocks that had some beautiful flowers in the yard--so off we trucked--and here are some of the pictures--notice all the bee's--these bee's are in bee heaven today!!!
This lady gardens all day long and she is well noted for her flowers and I know in the Bee world she is well loved as well--these little guys did not even mind us taking there pictures--just don't get in the way of the Honey::::::

Well, I am sure you have seen enough pictures of flowers this year--but I just love doing photos of them and then sharing my photos.
well I need to get back to meeting some of the bloggers that are doing the Sig block swap--so I am off for now to blog land----

Have a great wild fun sunny week end---hugs, just, Di
PS this is our forecast for New York state:
See ya!!!


  1. What a pretty garden . . . . never too many flower pics *s*

  2. I find that summers are like that around here for me too, Di, when I want to get some sewing done! It is quite easier to not be bothered when winter hits. Then I can crank things out a little better!
    You enjoy your weekend!

    Hugs right back at ya!

  3. Oh my, but that yard is stunning. I am glad that the gardener get such recognition for all her hard work.

    I hope those bees are done and gone for good.

  4. Always love your posts. Summer is great! Love the garden photos. Have a great Summer!

  5. I have two beehives at my parents house. I am glad that your bees are happy!


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