Saturday, July 18, 2009

A New Treasure!!!

I had planned to go the Windmill in Penn Yan today--it's a big farmer's/craft market about 35 minute drive from here with some of my Red Had friends--but when I got up my "body" said--NO--can do today!!! I did go to a garage sale up at the end of block today and I did get a couple goodies--but this was the main one;
Can you tell what it is????
Any ideas yet????
Yep, you got it now--it's an old wood sewing cabinet--they made these years ago in Home Bureau -- and this one belonged to my nurse at the doctor's office where I go and was her mother's. As you can see it was also "full" of all kinds of "stuff"--there was more on the right hand side, when I remembered to get some pictures--Here's some of the things I found in it--

This box was in it with all kinds of sewing machine attachments in it--Including the cute little oil can that is sitting to the right of the box--everything is in great shape--but no make or model #, so have no idea what machine it came with????

Here's a look at the top of it????

And here is a pile of the goodies that I am keeping You can see I have a whole large cup of old wood thread spools--some says 5 cents on them, there is a jar with buttons, some are alittle different--

Here is a better picture--there was even an old camera in the pocket--I like the old needle advertising needle case--alot of these items pictured have cheap prices on them--like under 29 cents

Here you can even see I found some money--so now I am rich--found 12 cents!!!! also notice the rounded part on the little pair of old scissors!!!

I have been a bad girl today as so far I have not sewed a single stitch--I spent most of the afternoon on this computer--I spent over 2 hours on my pictures file--doing alot of deleting and some reorganizing and adding new files and putting some of the pictures in them, so that I can find things as I need them--now I am in blog land and need to go visiting as soon as this post is finished-----Soooooooooooooooo!!!

Have a great day tomorrow--Hugs, and Smiles---Just, Di

PS I did learn that there are yellow hollyhocks--now to find some seeds for them??? the white lilies at the start are from one of my gardens---!!!


  1. Hey Di, What a cool sewing chest. I've never seen one like that in my life!!!

    So far, so good with my new plants. They'll end up eating them too, I'm sure.

  2. Terrific find! I don't know why I don't ever find things like that. Terrific treasure! Good luck with the yellow hollyhocks.

  3. Love your lilies, and your sewing cabinet! I grew hollyhocks quite a few years ago - see the pic on my blog Sidebar!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. A real treasure, Di! Must have been fun finding all the different things inside :)


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