Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OH Dear I goofed!!!

Oh my I was sooo sure I had all my BOM's done and then I realized that I not only did not have this month's bom for my local quilt shop done--I did not have last month's done!!!!!! BUT have no fear I got them done:
These are only 6 inch squares--but the flower one on the right is all done with needle turn applique ( as I do not do the "web" stuff) and it did take a little while to do--but they are done--and this time I will only say--I believe that all my bom's for July are done and that all my bom's are up to date:--how does that sound???

A CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE--- I am going to challenge all of you to do at least "3" Christmas projects during August with me--they can be anything you choose--ornaments, aprons, table runners, candle mats,stockings,quilts, wallhangings, placemats---the list goes on and on----
NOW when you get them done leave me a post in the comment section and let me know when you post them on your site and then your name will go into a drawing for the end of the month--and I will be giving away at least one of my new Christmas projects--and who knows what else???????
So be a ''dear" and think about joining me and it would be nice if I knew who was going to try to do the 3 projects--and yes they can even be UFO's---now I am really being good to you!!!

I am excited by some of the work I got done today:
This is the quilt top from quilt club 2008--last year--I have it this far--I did get the vines appliqued on awhile ago--and finally today I got the leaves and hearts that go along the vine traced, cut, and ironed onto the fabric--and I actually got "2" leaves sewed on already--hurrah for me!!!! My goal to get the applique done and the 2 outer borders on by July 31.

I will leave you with a picture I took last evening down at the lake of a family of ducks--Quack-Quack-Quack--it amazes me how fast these little babes can swim!!!!
Have a great day---Smiles and hugs, just, Di


  1. I love the xmas teddy! Ok -I'm in! I usually start thinking xmas in September/October, but I suppose I can twist my brain a bit.... have a nice day. Hugs.

  2. I love the blue flower block (BOM?) It is really lovely.

  3. I'm in!!! I've spread the word on my blog too...

  4. Sign me up,I could use the push to get things done early. I'll have to thank jenny for the heads up.

  5. Hi Di! Your blog is new to me, Jenny from Elefantz just sent me over to check out your challenge! I think your challenge is a great idea, and I'm going to play along, too! Getting some of those projects done ahead of time is a great idea. I plan to do it every year, but it usually ends up a last minute thing! LOL. Maybe this year will be different!

  6. I have not visited before but are prepared to join in the christmas challenge. Now I have to decide what I am going to create.

  7. This is the first time I visit your blog. It's so cute. I love it. Jenny from Elefants blogged about your Christmas Challenge and I thought I would join in the fun. I had a few ideas in mind about what I wanted to make for some Christmas projects. I even bought a bunch of Christmas fabric last week. So count me in. Thanks for the little push to get these things done.

  8. I'll join in on the 3 Christmas Projects for the month! I really need to do a handmade Christmas this year (DH and I are super strapped for money) and handmade is better anyway! I'm up for the challenge! I'll link you on my blog!

  9. Hi Di
    I found your blog last week through Jenny of Elefantz, and was unsure if I wanted to join your Christmas challenge... would I be able to manage it?? After a topsy-turvy week I managed to think about it last night, and after rummaging around in my project boxes, I decided that I was up for the challenge as there are at least two Christmas projects I want to get done before this Christmas! I hope it's not too late to join?!

  10. One of my projects is down - I just wanted a quilt top finished, and that's done, and I'm almost finished with my other 2. :)


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