Sunday, July 12, 2009


On Friday evening my sister, Barb and I took a walk over to end of the lake -- a big long walk of about 1/2 block--yep, that's all there is to get there???? Here's some Pictures:

I took this one as we were walking along the sidewalk in front of the lake and where the sail boat piers are--there is always some ducks there about:
We have a sight seeing boats at the end of the lake and this is the newest and I might add a big one --this was a battle ship that they remodeled into a dinning and sight seeing one--here's another picture of it:
Like I said she is a big one:
This is the dock that I took the pictures from--this was built around twenty years ago now and it is nice to walk out on:
I am standing on the other side of the little building to take this picture-during the day the lake is full of sail boats:
To my right on the pier I took this picture of all the sail boats tied up for the night:
This is also to my right and is a big stone wall that people--braver than me walk out on and fish from:
And when I turn around to walk the pier back, here is a picture of the new hotel they put up last year--there was an empty lot there before--now we have the best of the best--if you can afford to stay there???? We do have alot of rich people stay in town--so I guess it's good for them!!!

Yesterday I was not on the computer as we had some storms off and on -- I worked on applique all day and did get one more BOM block done!! And today I took the day and enjoyed two trips over town shopping for "treasures"--more tomorrow!!!

See ya soon--hugs, just, Di


  1. The pics of the lake look great...thanks for sharing them. Very tranquil.

  2. Such serene pictures. Looks like a wonderful place to vist.

  3. Beautiful pictures and a nice visit with your sister!


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