Thursday, July 9, 2009


I belong to a Red Hat Group--and in fact until the first of this year I was the Queen Mother--then after having held that title for 4 years, I decided I wanted to just go to the meeting and have fun like everyone else--so they voted in a new Queen Mother and today we had a gathering at her home--I had not been in a few months as life kept me busy==so it was nice to see everyone and to just visit them all--but after 2 hours or so I was itching to get home and do some stitching!!!!!
One of the Red Hatter's found a nice hat rack for her hat!!!!! And the picture above is a T-shirt one of the Red Hatter's bought last winter in Fla--I think it is sooo cute--why don't I ever find cute things --or pretty clothes?????

Update on the "melted pants" by turning the hems up just another half inch it pretty much took care of the melted spot--thanks for the fun comments on that one--I was ready to throw the towel in--my question tonight is: WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THAT BECAUSE YOU SAY YOU Quilt--that means you are available to do any and all mending jobs that come up??? and it is really hard for me here in a Senior housing center--no body wants to do their own mending any more--just ask Di she'll do it--well, Di is learning to say "NO" I really really really don't want to mend or sew for others--I have always hated mending--and don't you dare ask me to fix a zipper--that has been a NO for years and years!!!!!

Well, it's time for me to zip this up and get on with life--Have a great Friday--hugs, just, Di
This blog was brought to you by today's flower of the day??????

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  1. With great dignity, just say 'Oh, no - I'm a quilter not a mender'! I once knew quite a talented man who would not mow his lawn himself - his retort was 'I'm an artist not a gardener'!


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