Friday, August 14, 2009

Another BIG day on the "ranch"

Oh my--I am thinking that maybe I am doing what my "mother" always told me I was doing---burning my candle at both ends"????? Today was another real busy day--worked at doing some more sorting and boxing up--then went down to have tea with my friend, Mary and visited with her awhile--came home and worked on the old computer is clearing off all my information, the neighbor across the hall took the old set and the old table--ate lunch --then little sister came and we continued to sort and clean out the drawers from the two dressers--so they could be moved, just as we finished, my brother and his wife came and we went overtown to get my new table for the computer, then we checked out a new store that they hadn't been in yet, either. Then we went to the Good grocer and got my case of applesauce and rice milk and soap --went to Mr. Chickens and had supper--we got a bar-b-que chicken and shared that--then the real work began--moving the things to the neighbors and moving my things around in here and taking out one of the dressers----It sure looks different in here!!!!!!!

Well--- me thinks I just figured out how to get my pictures within the post--on this program you have to "drag" them to where you want them--cut and paste doesn't work here---this is an awesome computer--but it is SOOOOOOOO different than the old one--so we are going to be on a wild ride for awhile!!!!!

Had another fabric order come in today--this one was the darker muslin for the siggy blocks. And of course there was NO sewing of any kind done today!!!!

Take care--have a week end and stay safe---hugs, just, Di


  1. You sound like you need to take a rest! Hope you can do that.
    I like the darker muslin for the siggie blocks too and tried to use something similar! Can't wait to get your block!
    Have a great weekend! Get some rest!

  2. Take time to rest, Di..
    Yes, I like darker for the siggie blocks,,, it's in keeping with the style of the quilt/ blocks
    Julia ♥


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