Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Beginning of the Christmas month!!!

YES----I did actually start a Christmas project today--it was kinda hard though--too many pretty fabrics and too many projects on the list -- but one has to start somewhere--so I started with this piece of fabric:
And I am using the "free" pattern I told you about recently--can anyone tell me the pattern?????

Now for a 'DUCK OF A STORY' in the picture below is a duck that is named --Afleck--
Now you see I was at a garage sale three years ago now and this duck took a liking to me--I really did not need a duck--not even a cutie like this one--but everytime I turned my back to him to look at some else, He "Quacked"--then not finding any thing to buy I went over and picked him up and looked at his price tag--and said to him--ok--your price won't break me--you can go home with me--but you will have to find a job--no just sittin around--I mean after all you a costing me a whole nickel here!!!!! So he came home with me and he told me he liked flowers so off to the garden he went and in the warm months he keeps "guard" over all my flowers--
Now doesn't he look handsome here doing his job??????? And my flowers are growing more and more every year??????

That's is for today folks--see ya tomorrow with another "story"????
Have a great and safe week end--blessings, and hugs, just, Di


  1. I really like that story and I really like the fabric, too!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Hi Di-
    I am a little slow, but I have finally talked myself into joining the Christmas challenge. It will help me to motivate.
    I love the duck!!

  3. Your previous post about the yo yo's gave me an idea for a Christmas wall hanging, will have to start it tonight. Thanks,


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