Tuesday, August 18, 2009


WELL MY "BUBBLES" is on the run now---NOW if I could just figure out how to work and control all this "fastness" I would be doing good??????

After not having a needle in my hands for nearly "5" days--today I was finally able to do some applique work--not alot--but some and it felt soooooo good--but let me tell you--I must give off some sort of "signals" when I am stitching--cause as soon I get relazed and start in--some one or some thing demands my attention?????

WELL it is really late and I really need to get to bed--tomorrow is another day!!!!!
See ya tomorrow and hopefully with some pictures of my new living room and some more new fabrics that came in----Hugs, just, Di

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  1. Hi Di! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the info on your laptop...I didn't know Staples had that kind of warranty. I'm going to check out what our local store has! Thanks again!!!


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