Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I did it????

I actually got to stitch awhile today--machine work and applique--so now I have "3" items ready for batting and backing--and then the Sunbonnet Sue which is a Pearl Louise Design to add borders to; her address #312 Wishing on a Star---I am also doing her bom Called Nesting--it's birds--I love birds--she has a second bom I would love to do too--so check her out--I did not get pictures tonight of the 3 wall hangings as it got dark by the time I had finished them--maybe tomorrow!!!
Here is 3 more civil war prints I picked up in on Sunday in the Quilt shop--I will have a nice selection to choose from when I get ready to stitch them--the background fabric may be here tomorrow!!!
Here's one of my new "friends"--he looks a lot like my "late" kitty Bear--except Bear was totally black--nose and ears--
And here is my other new Friend--I just love the look of his face and the tilt of his head--we have a small store going out of business and these "new" friends where on sale and needed new homes--what can I say--I am a sucker for please take me home with you--looks!!!

Had fun today doing that much needed job of laundry and then trying to find a second battery for my new camera--we finally had to call the Polaroid company and they are sending me another one for $29.99--but nobody carried the right size--and you really need a back up battery for this kind of camera--so it's on it's way--hopefully!!!

WELL tomorrow is family day--we all off in the morning to go "treasure hunting"--so I wonder what will insist on coming home to live with me????

I am excited as I got my Angel partner today--now to learn about her and her interests--I know are favorite colors do not match--so I may be going out of my comfort Zone for awhile--that will be fun!

Take Care--keep on crafting and stitching--SMILES :) just, Di


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! That's good. I've been spending too much time outside.
    I do love those bears and I would have to agree that they needed a good home :D
    You have a fun day today!

    P.S. Love, love the civil war prints!!

  2. 3 items ready for batting? Wow! See, you are getting lots done :) Have a lovely family day,


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