Wednesday, August 19, 2009


How is everyone today--you all must be busy, cause not to many have new posts tonight--and only one comment on my posts for the last two days????? I know I am way way behind in everything--but I shall continue to work on catching up and this new roadrunner program is going to help me with that challenge!!!!

My to-do list is mighty long right now and it is hard to decide what project, or household job to do first----so I am trying to do alittle of both--today, I did get one of my embroidery patterns traced--it is for 6 small stockings--somethings I can embroider when I am too tired to do anything else or too stressed out to do anything else!!!!!

Went to another garage sale today--it was within walking distance and went they are close by, you go even if you really don't need anything else--found a few treasures for $7.00--nothing was marked--you just made on offer.

Here is some pictures of the "new" living room--so far:
Here is a look at the new curtain treatments I did to the windows--notice the cocko clock above the top of the window--then we added some of my pictures and counted cross stitch sampler --I really like it--oh and these are the lace curtains that I got for only $1.00 at that sale --remember????? And the stained glass window I got at a garage sale on Saturday for $2.00!!

This picture shows the new rocker that I got at the SPCA thrift store and behind it is the new--old music stand i got at the Church sale--also notice on the floor the blue and white duck--that is a gift from my sister-in-law, Val will they where here.
AND here is my new desk/computer area--my printer is on a stand under the quilt--I make the quilt--also the baskets are the new blue ones I got at the same shop as the new/old table that I am using for a desk!!!
This is to my right on the opposite wall and holds my blue and white now--I use the dresser for office storage and scrap booking supplies for that "one of these days projects---oops maybe I should change that to one of these "years" projects!!!"
Here is the underground railroad quilt I have shown before, but I finally have some wall space to hang is up--I just love it here between the two rockers---now these two rockers are old ones to me--the one on the left was my Mom's and the one on the right is one I got 7 years ago for $5.00, it is my stitching chair--it is a glider rocker and there is a footstool with it--don't know what I would do without it???? Both of these are going to be recovered soon--that's on the to-do list--went to the Quilt shop today and got fabric for mom's rocker and for my footstool--and I just ordered the fabric for my rocker from tonight(yes--I did order some other fabric too--just alittle!!!
And here is a picture of one of the new lamps I got at a sale on Saturday--this one cost me $10.00, but was well worth it--as it gives off a lot of light at night so I can see to sew in my rocker!!

I am so excited to night my "cut" and "Paste" buttons are working now---YES, YES, YES,--it makes life so much easier!!!

My brother, Jim and his wife, Valarie made it safely back to Tampa, FL last night--I miss them all ready--thanks for praying for their trip back.

Well that;s it for tonight blogging friends--but I have lots of pictures to show and to take for you to show you in the coming days--so be sure to return to this "station" soon!!!!

Smiles, hugs, just, Di


  1. Sorry I have not posted on your blog lately, I quite often I have the time to read your blog but not often the time to post a message. What great finds you have had.

  2. I reslly love the rocking chairs! What a lot of pretty treaures you have.

  3. I love the pics...great finds at the sale too!
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Some really great finds. Love that quilt that is hiding the printer.

  5. Hey Di,

    Everything looks really nice and cozy - you're a super bargain hunter.

    Oh I am sooooo wanting a laptop but it must wait till I'm gainfully employed. Maybe next year!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your kind words!

  7. You have such a darling place. I don't know what it looked like before, but love what you have done. You have some lovely things.
    how do you like your new laptop?


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