Thursday, August 27, 2009

More n More sewing!!!

And more and more fabric and orders came in today---Got my ott-lite from Joann;s today by mail--
See I even got my favorite color---PINK--
Most of the gals at the applique class have these and I wanted one--so here she is --only now I learned today that the applique class for this year doesn't start til OCTOBER--oh well--I am sure that I will "find" something to keep me busy!!!!!

Another fabric order came in:
The blue on the left I got just because I liked it sooo much--the one on the right I got cause I don;t believe I have seen blue much in the fall fabrics--and I also like "blue"--
Just some nice ones for my sash--
Some reds--either will use on Christmas projects or go in my YO-YO sash--the one on the far right has watermelon seeds on it and it was a nice small print--and one never "knows" when one might need some red fabric with watermelon seeds on it?????
Two more charm packs--and I just love these prints--so dainty like--did find some to match in one yard pieces at the same company--trying to decide if I should order them for borders, etc.??
Have 'no" idea why I got the one on the far left??? the other two looked solid colored and I had planned on using them for gingerbread and reindeer bodies---now the back sides are more solid so I just may use it --backwards?????
I love this print--but do not have a laundry room??? but I have decided to make me an apron to wear down to our laundry room here==to hold my scissors, thimble and glasses--I like to take some sewing down with me but am always afraid I will lose something--this way I can just keep them in my pockets of the apron--now does that sound like a plan or what????

Now for today's Christmas finish--
A set of 4 place mats--I have wanted to do this pattern for a couple years now and I even found the main fabric that the pattern had used--the pattern was in the McCall's Quilting Magazine for December 2007---I got some Diane Knott's fabric today to do another set--wait til you see!!!!!

Well that enough for tonight--I have 3 new magazines--quilt ones calling my name --so best go quiet them down before they wake up the neighbors!!!!!!! Hugs, just, Di


  1. Love the placemats. They are so cute.

  2. Wow! You are getting a lot of nice goodies! Glad someone is able to do some quilting and such. Been such a busy summer around here that I haven't had much time with it:/ Hope that changes soon!

  3. Looks like you've been doing some real fun shopping *s*

  4. You will really like the Ott light for applique.
    Lots of great stuff and your placemats are fabulous.

  5. I love my Ott light too. Mine is just a boring gray color though--I covet your pink one!

  6. Your sheep image is very cute. Do you remember where it came from?

  7. Great idea about the apron -- I'm sure it will be useful!


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