Sunday, August 9, 2009


Just a quick post tonight as it is 11:30 Pm and I am really ready for bed--at least my body says it is???? Went to Staples today and now I no longer have to decide whether to get a desk computer or a laptop--You ask which one did I get----Welllllll-----

And we did stop a Quilt shop--did I purchase something----Welllllllllll------
Plus I did alittle on line shopping tonight--and I ordered my new RED toaster oven for my kitchen--my other one is slowly not doing the good toasting job it once did--so out with the old in with the new!!!!

This story will continue tomorrow and hopefully "pictures" will acompany the post--in the mean time have a great day----Hugs, just, Di

PS Yes, my brother and sister in law made it to town---Soooooooooooooo????


  1. Did you buy one of each!!! Why decide?? Sounds like you are having fun shopping.

  2. Lots of shopping going on out your way. A red toaster. I bet that is going to be pretty.


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