Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Christmas Challenge is over!!!

OH MY -----it is the 1st of Sept already and that means the Christmas in August challenge that I had is over and now I just have to hear from everybody who was in it to see what all was accomplished--I sure know that I did get alot done even without having the whole month to do the sewing in as I had hoped--but it feels sooooo good to have a big start on it--(and I am still working on mine till Labor Day-----then watch out cause I can finally get into all the fall fabrics I have gotten in) A BIG THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL WHO SIGNED UP--I LEFT EVERYONE A COMMENT ON YOUR LAST POST SO BE SURE TO READ IT AS IT HAS A "SURPRISE" THERE FOR YOU!!!!!

A couple of you have asked for the "next" one--I am thinking about one--but haven;t totally put it all together just yet????

Here is another finish for me:
the 6 stockings from Bareroots pattern are all done--they were a finish for yesterday--they were so neat to embroider.

Yesterday I happened to be in the "neighborhood" of my local quilt shop--and this is what "followed" me home--
I am really getting in "sheep" right now and I found this pattern and it was "love" at first sight!!
and then I seen this one in the same book:
A great fall narrow wall hanging and not alot of work--plus there is a couple more patterns in the same book--so purchased it and "YES" some more fabric----stop "shaking your heads--what;s money for it not to spend on your hobby??" got the book home and started really reading it and I was so surprised to see who had written the book????????
It is done by the gals at Joined at the Hip--I had just gotten their other one the last time I was in the shop!!!

Today I worked on another set of the Santa placemats--this set I am using one of the Peppermint cottage prints by Diane Knott's--hopefully I will get them done tomorrow and I am starting to work on a paper piecing lap size Christmas quilt--will see how tomorrow goes????

Take care and see ya soon--keep stitching--Christmas will be here before you know it!!!!
Hugs, just, Di


  1. The embroidered stockings are so cute. I love them...and that sheep pattern.....Love it!!! I just love sheep patterns. LOL!! I really don't know why. They are just too cute.

  2. I love the stockings! They turned out great. I am huge disappointment, Di. Due to unforseen issues, going out of town three weekends out of the month and having some physical issues, I did not get to my Christmas projects. I finished a handbag for my daughter and started a cocktail dress for me for a cruise I am taking in two weeks but alas, no Christmas. I will try and spend September doing some of my Christmas. I have plans to make our family all new stockings. Thanks for planning it and I will look out for your next challenge and hopefully will be a better participant. :)

  3. How do I find my last post...I don't have a clue when I posted last on your blob! LOL


  4. Hi Di
    Thanks heaps for holding the Christmas challenge, and your encouragement about my Christmas projects!


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