Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Finish and ????

I did get my 2nd set of placemats all finished today:
For some reason I thought ( as always) that when someone does the same "project" a second or third time--that it will be easier and go together faster and come out neater---
the main parts were ok--but I tried to do a bias binding on this set ( the first set I did a regular binding on them like a quilt style) but this was not any easier--in fact was harder--so back to the planning broad????? What do YOU use for your placemats and the like?????

I do like the color of this set--the main part is a Diane Knott;s fabric.

And I got this first applique block done for the cardinal quilt top:

AND this is how I spent my afternoon:
OH MY--it is so exhausting to do the grocery shopping and I mostly get the same things every week:
BUT the store--WAL MART is constantly moving things around or even worse they are always discontinuing items--oh dear I best think of something else or I will be on this "soap box" all night??????? What about this--
I use cloth shopping bags----that's better--mine are a pretty pink ones too!!!!

See ya tomorrow--hugs, just, Di

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  1. Such cute Santa place mats. Are they going to be a gift?
    I do a binding just like I would my quilts.


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