Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, someone had to do it---Di only knows how to quilt and make a mess---but once in awhile SHE must stop and do the maids job--so today was laundry, cleaning bathroom, running the vac--etc.    But have no FEAR she also found some stitching time=====

Here's a SNEAK peak at winter White--I now have two blocks out of the 9 all hand quilted--did one block this afternoon---

And this is a finish today--this is how I used pattern #1 of the Angel swap--for some reason I have only thought of it on a dish towel--then the tea pot came to me--and I believe my Secret Angel enjoys tea!!!

And last night I actually---now don;t faint on me--actually finished reading a book!!!

It was very thick--but very good reading--only the ending made me cry----!!!!

Now Blogging friends--there is a Christmas Siggie Block swap going on--there is the block--

It looks like a tree ornament and she is only taking 20 swappers, so that is not too many ornaments to make and she even shows you how to do it--this is how it will look--

Isn't this the cutest thing--and such a memory maker so hit my side picture of the ornament and go over and have a looky-see-sign-up moment!!!!

Well--don't forget Mrs. Perkins "hint" for tomorrow--it could mean a "prize" for you on Wednesday???????

Have fun tomorrow---hugs, just, Di and Mrs.P


  1. I love your winter White - it is looking gorgeous! I have putting something in the mail for you today :)

  2. Mrs Perkings has me fascinated - she is one of my favourite characters - oh, to make sure I check tomorrow!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. I have donned my fuffly cap and picked up duster today as well. Every once in awhile it gets too much for even me to bare. Hopefully I will get to the sewing room before the end of the day! Your quilt is gorgeous! A-

  4. Your winter white is coming along great. It looks beautiful...

    Thanks for mentioning my swap :)

  5. Winter White is lovely. I too had to stop quilting to clean....I'm the maid and cook here too! :-)

  6. What a darling idea for a siggie quilt - can't wait to see it come to life *s*

  7. Doing the maid's job, huh! Not fun. The maid has sure been slacking off at my house. Please send yours over to help me out. LOL.

  8. Busy girl. Your quilt is very pretty so far. I love that Christmas siggie block. What a great quilt it will be when you get them all back.


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