Friday, September 4, 2009

I don't like Paper Piecing--but---

I have to say that I do not care for paper piecing--even after that class--though those patterns with the actual tissue paper is not as hard as they even tell you what size to cut each piece of fabric-------BUT----for the pattern today that I worked on -- I had to run off the foundation paper patterns--then figure out how large to cut the fabric pieces--ouch!!
Can you see here that I am alittle short on the fabrics for the upper left hand corner--actually more than alittle--had to redo it---
Doesn't this one
look alittle better----and then I went  on and finished two of these blocks--

Managed to get
two of these done for the pattern--then I have to make 4 of another block--
I got 3 all done, before that "tummy" said I had to "feed-it"--plus I was short one
set of foundation papers, so had to scan another set--it's done and the
fabrics are all cut--so maybe tomorrow????/
I got one of my orders in the mail today--and this one was soo neat--it was from "Bunny Hill"--after I took it out of the mailer--I noticed this seal on the plastic that was around my fabric--
Here's a closer look of the label--

Not sure if you can see it well yet--but it has 2 carrots on them--sooo cute;  and here 
is what was in the packages;

the ribbon is so neat on the bundle--will save it for something -- and I had just loved this rabbit print of Ann's--also got a little trim and some new needles to try:
And I forgot I also ordered this pattern--don't these critters look sooo cute???/
Well, this post page is running totally different tonight--so have no idea how this will look on my post--so let's go see??????

Have a great Saturday---hugs, just, Di


  1. I like those pieces you made!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the blocks you have made, I also do not like paper piecing and end up having to redo parts like you did. Oh well it is all a learning curve.

  3. I love the paper pieced pieces that you did. Is that from a kit or a pattern that is available? I would love to do a few myself.

    That is such a cute tag. I also like the fabric that you received.

  4. so lovely! love the fabrics that you used too. It is so nice when an idea comes together, cool stuff!

  5. I am not a big fan of paper piecing either. But some times it gets the job done in a really good way. I will be looking forward to seeing the rest of your project.

  6. Smashing blocks. And that new pattern is gorgeous!

  7. Hello Di, it is with love that I know who is my friend the swap. True, the online world is very small and we are always finding ourselves in Blogs. I do not speak English, use the online translator.


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