Sunday, September 13, 2009

Something old--Something new!!!

Let's see what do I want to begin with tonight---

Old news--but hopefully some exciting news for about 10 of you out there????
Here is a basket and it has slips of paper in it--with names on the slips--my sister and I went back over the 3 posts I did on the paper piecing and each time someone commented your name went in the basket--some of you where in there 3 times--then we pulled out two names and they are:

the winners are:  Joy McDonald of Joy's Quilts  and Alice  of Alice in quiltland--
                 well--each of you will get one of the paper piecing patterns that caused me such a mess in my sewing room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also in old news:
My thank you gifts for those of you who joined me in the August Christmas Challenge-- yep they are finally wrapped, addressed, and ready for postage--OH DEAR----Postage--I must go out in the back yard and do this--first:
Pick some money off the "money tree"   only I think I forgot to water it---OPPS!!!!

And to Joy and Alice--I slipped your pattern into the thank you package--so you have two winnings in yours---surprise--surprised me when my sister pulled out your names and I realized I already had packages headed your way!!!!!

Now for something NEW--
I had read about a new needle that Clover had out--so in one of my orders I seen that the company carried them so I purchased a package of different sizes of Quilting needles--some of the larger ones for my friend to try and some with the smaller sizes I like to use and today I was working on some quilting so I got them out and tried them:

These have a very dark gold eye and you can really see it to thread it--much better than any I have used so far--the needle part is black and it does seem to glide through the fabric easier--so will i order more--answer is yes--(if i can remember where I got them in the first place--good thing i keep receipts)!!!!!

Ok I guess I have bored or entertained you enough for tonight--sweet dreams--or if you are just getting up  GOOD MORNIN TO YA----Hugs, n blessings, Di

Sun setting here at the complex!!!!


  1. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! How exciting!!!!! Thank you Di! That is a surprise!!!

  2. Hi Di, who is sick can not sew? I am a retired teacher, have four children, three grandchildren and a poodle that is my pet. I love them all. The weather here is always good, is the 39ºC which is 85ºF there. The stations are no longer well defined as before, the world has changed completely. So we made in southern Brazil, was the first that happened. It's springtime. I've done all kinds of crafts, love patch and rag dolls. Clean house, not like, I have a cleaner.

    I do not speak English, use the online translator


  3. Congratulations to lucky ladies!

    Thanks for the info about the needles. I keep trying different ones until I finally find the ones I like. At that point I'm pretty sure I will forget the name (I will probably also throw out the package lol)

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I am so excited--I was going to hunt the pattern down and buy it. This is the first time I have won anything. It is like Christmas!!! A-

  5. Loved your comment on watering the money tree. Maybe that's the problem with mine.

  6. Congrats to the girls. Those needles look pretty interesting.


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