Thursday, September 10, 2009


I really did not think I could do it???????
  Figure out how that is to redo my blog page--to reflect the season--I LOVED the other one--but it really was very "spring" and here in the states it is now getting to be very much like fall--so I played around--took alittle while--but I kinda like it---WHAT DO YOU THINK???????

Talking about surprises--I got some more packages in the mail today--and even if I some what knew what was in them--it is still always a nice surprise for me when I open them--so this is what came in today====
I had gotten one Swanky charm pack awhile ago and had been looking for another one and I found it at and it came in really fast--and see the cute bow she has around the fabric--which also go with the Swanky line--for borders and bindings---
These two fabrics are for the Soire'e charm packs--did not realize how LARGE the print is on the top one--it is too large for what I can use it on--but I got a plan for it just the same????/
this is for the Glace charm packs that are on order from another company--
This piece of fabric is for the Kashmir IV charm packs--kinda "goofed" here again--and got the same design in in a different color the other day--also have the mint one--so I really need to find one of the smaller prints for the first border---someday????
and these three are "just because" fabrics--just because I really liked them!!!!!!

And I got these two books in--------
The other two Tilda books came today--the Crafting --Christmas Gifts I have seen as I got it from the Library--remember????  But Had wanted the Springtime one since last spring--I love the rabbits, chicken, lambs etc in it--can't wait for some time to start them!!!!!!

Well that's it for tonight folks--see ya tomorrow----Have a great one--
Hugs, just, Di


  1. You are getting clever, Di. Real autumn look. You'll soon be getting "how did you do that"mail:)
    Lovely fabrics. And Tilda is soo cute.

  2. Goodness Di! You are one busy lady! Those charm packs look too inviting for words. Can't wait to see what transpires. Your blog is so precious, love that banner, very fresh and upbeat...thanks for stopping by my blog, I've added you to my blogroll. I look forward to seeing your autumn turn into season after season!

  3. Love the new background. Congrats on figuring it out. Now you can change it up whenever you feel like something new.

    Nice fabrics! Even when you know what you ordered it is still fun to open the packages.

  4. Nice new blog...nice new collection of fabrics and all things good! You go!

  5. Hi Di :-)
    Great new blog look!
    I just love Autumn :-)
    Your fabric choices are awesome!
    Happy Stitching2u!!


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