Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WOW--You bloggers are GREAT!!!

What can I say---thanks so much to all who read my blog site and especially a big thanks to those of you who are faithful "commenters"!!!!!!

I went outside this afternoon to chase a rainbow--but first I seen our "friend"  the Crow--yes everybody was right they are black crows in high heels on the wall hanging I am working on--when I bought the pattern I had NO idea that the work would be sooo small--just figured the pattern was large as that is how it looks on the pattern photo--never took time to read the actual size of the wall hanging--so I almost did not make it--i mean I could surely never needle turn them skinny skinny legs and I do not do fusible web--(note:  I used to do alot of fusible web--so I am not sure when I got this new attitude about NOT doing it?????)  but I just loved them cute sexy crows in their high heels so--I decided what did I have to lose--except a bit of fabric if I could not do it ---NOW blogging friends--I have to tell you--I know that my FINGERS did that stitching----BUT---I believe some one else was controlling the needle--as I could never do that fine of work----so would the real stitcher step up?????

Here is the rainbow that I seen today--by the way have you ever driven under a rain bow?????  I actually have--what a neat experience that was---I was living in Florida on the East coast in Melbourne and between Melbourne and the island is a river and in order to get to the island they have causeways to drive over--one day as I was going from Melbourne to the island there was a big huge rainbow that arched over the causeway--each end of the rainbow landed in the river--so that when you drove over the causeway you literally drove under the rainbow---now you have heard about Over the Rainbow and NOW you can say you have heard about Under the Rainbow!!!!!!

And here is a fall picture I took while out taking the rainbow picture---Fall is really  here---soooo??????

Have a charming day ---see ya soon-----Hugs, Di


  1. I love when the leaves start changing on the trees. They are so beautiful. We didn't have rainbows here today. The rain came down hard most of the day. When I got off work tonight it had cleared up but was really cold. The wind was brisk. But I could smell the fresh fall air. I love the smell of fall.

  2. Lovely autumn colours. Afraid we might go from green to mush as there has been so much rain. Definitely cooling down too.

  3. The cooler temps will snap the trees into fall color quickly.

  4. Did you consider using thread for the legs?


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