Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What do little ghosts drink?????
Evaporated Milk!!!!!

I enjoyed the answers--thank's for guessing--

At lunch today I was reading one of the old recipe books that I got at the Church sale a couple weeks ago--then I realized I was not really reading the recipe's I was looking at the illustrations and smiling/laughing--so I decided to share some of the "smiles" with you all?????

this is the book---they must have handed them out for insurance customers????

Oh Dear me==I wish I was "still" a little fish--why did I want to grow up soo fast????

we are all "happy" vegetables" cause we are going to help you stay good and healthy!!

Doesn't this look like fun, guys--which one of us can jump the highest????

I am the singing Teapot and I make everyone that is in HOT water--happy to be there!!!

Flower Time:

I discovered that these beauties close up at night--each one is alittle different color, too!!

They are really a pretty flower--yet, I didn't think that I cared for them in the garden--they also have a pretty lacey leaves!!!

NOW for the important stuff-----  I did get some sewing done today---I got more hand quilting done on the Cindy Lou who quilt and I got this block done--

The last block of "On My Heart"---so that make 3 BOM"S that all the blocks are done for now--they are not sewed together get into quilt tops--just want to get all caught up on the blocks first!!!!!?????!!!!!

AND I fell off the wagon======I ended up having to eat and sleep!!!!!!

Till tomorrow bloggers---in the meant time give someone a big hug!!!
Hugs, to you too,  Di

Next::What Happens to a fast witch on a slow broom???
Guess--answer tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing those cute illustrations. I love looking for those little cookbooks in the antique stores.

  2. OK, I give up on that one. Can't wait for the answer. Well done on another BOM. I have collected all of those but I have not started them yet. Next year???? Oh dear. Too many cute ones. L, A-

  3. OK, this one I think I know :)...she flies off the handle lol Love these little riddles.

    The cookbook pics are cute.


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