Wednesday, October 14, 2009


MY fabric order came in today for the newest Schnibbles pattern--so think it is time for some fun--first--then have a story or two for you!!!
Which one of these fabric lines am I using for the Cindy Lou Who Pattern;  
(hint:has the word Harvest in it)
1. Harvest Home
2.Harvest Moon
3.Apple Harvest
4.Harvest Eve
Leave me your guess in the comment part--winner will get my scarecrow pattern and ????
tomorrow I hope to start the pattern!!!

Now for a story:
Now alot of you show pictures of this truck and how excited you are about it being in your driveway and what they have on it for you!!!!

I have been waiting for over a WEEK now for our delivery guy to bring me my fabric package--the tracking record says they can't find my street---that is one big laugh--Plus this driver has delivered to me from the same fabric company before (it was also over a week riding around on the truck)  sooooo he knows where I live--I truly believe that the young man that drives this route is too lazy to come up the stairs to deliver it to me--- I managed to catch him yesterday and ask him about it--he did show up with it today---and his "excuse" was--it had the wrong apt # on it--and sure enough if you peel off the first label--the second one said apt #2  instead of #218--BUT WHEN YOU PEELED THAT ONE OFF THE ORIGINAL TAG SAID -- #218!!!!! LIKE I SAID HE IS TOO LAZY TO DO HIS JOB!!!!!
But at last I got to play some today---

I also retook some pictures of the quilt to show you--

Do you see how I just used the design in the houses and trees and quilted around them--well--actually I guess I outlined them!!!

along with the quilt I also donated a set of the santa placemats and an apron that I made in August---this is a small library in a small village about 5 miles from here--

I started going here 8 years ago when my girl-friend took her grandson here for the story hour and I just keep going back to it--

I really love this little library!!!

To end todays post--here is a couple pictures of the trees on our way home+++

And this one+++

Happy Fall you all


  1. OK-since there are red and gold apples and there are red and gold fabrics in the Schnibbles, I am going to guess Apple Harvest. Of course I hated Logic in school so... I love your handstitching--I have never been brave enough to try. Maybe on one of these small projects I am doing I will have to jump in. Thanks for the changing colors of fall. A-

  2. Hi, as it's nearly Halloween, I'll go with Harvest Moon.

  3. I'm going with Harvest Moon because I personally really, really like that line!

  4. I like the Havest Eve, sounds good. Thanks for the photos of the fall colors, my favorites. The quilt came out very nice, love it, well done.

  5. I have no idea but I'm going with Harvest Moon just 'cuz lol.

    I've had my pattern for a bit now and haven't even picked out the fabrics. Other things keep grabbing my attention.


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