Friday, October 9, 2009

Mail call

I received a delightful surprise in the mail from my Angel partner--she sent out a couple of my gifts early--take a looky !!!!!!

there is a cute pin cushion in my favorite color and a really note bag--

and as you can see there is a nice pocket on the tote bag and both items have the embroidered roses--I just love both--the pincushion goes beautifully with my little singer sewing machine and it;s pink plaid cover--and I may use the tote bag as a purse, seeing how I have yet to get a new one made for myself and I am need of a little larger purse that I have been using---Thanks secret ANGEL!!!!  Hugs, to you!

I also got a fabric order in--this is the one I had to get back up in the night and do because of one of the fabrics--

CAN YOU GUESS which one was the I HAVE TO HAVE FABRIC???????
I do just love all of them though--now to decide how to use them?????  Still no fabric package from the one company that I ordered my fabrics for the next Schnibbles and I am sure it will be Tues at the earliest, because of the holiday here on Monday!!!!

NOW HAVE YOU ever been in a shop seen a "sample" of something and you just had to have the pattern--then the fabric--and you can't wait to make it--but then other things get in the way and it's a couple months down the road before you get to it--yet there is still that excitement to make it----ONLY after you get "your" made--you sit back and look at it and you say--

OK---it's made===BUT I don't "feel" the excitement, now----

I even got the same fabrics--sooooo----

What is it?????------I really am not sure on this one---- this was made from this pattern--

It is the petite one in the pattern of 4 sizes---just no handles and it was easy to put together----OH I KNOW WHAT THE DIFFERENCE MAY BE---they had there's sitting on the counter and it was filled with lots and lots of Halloween candy---that's it I am sure--so why did I want to make one---I don't buy that kind of candy?????  Guess it was just "one of those days"!!!!!!!

OH MY----I just realized we are at a FRIDAY night again---WEEK END time--have fun--stay safe--and call someone you haven't talked to in awhile and say "HI"--Di told me to call you-----!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. A lovely, interesting Post, thanks, Di - love the little one up top! I think the birdie fabrics in the green,pink and orange - I have some and it's my favourite!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Your Stitcher's Angel Swap gifts are gorgeous. And I love the new fabric you got. I can't decide which you would get up in the middle of the night for. I love all of them. I'm just going to take a guess.....hmmmm.....I think maybe the middle one. That's from a new line....can't remember the name. But they are all beautiful.


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