Monday, October 26, 2009


Yep--we are back to Monday again--or it was Monday a few hours ago--it's nearly over for this week already!!!!

How can you tell that Doctor Victor Frankenstein had a good sense of humor???
Because he kept his monster in stitches!!!!!!!    HA HA!!!

I did get a picture of the finished quilt top for Halloween today and here it is ----

And here is my friend Mary holding it up for the picture for me--

I see it is hard to tell--but the border is spider webs and there is orange eyes all over it--it really is cute for the border--Mary loves the quilt top so much that I am leaving it down to her apartment to enjoy for now!!

I am nearly done on the Cindy Lou pattern--all the hand quilting is done and I got the binding sewed on today--tomorrow I just have to tack down the back side and take out all the basting stitches---yes!!!!

What's a MUMMY"S favorite music?????
wRAP music!!!!

Why did the monster eat a light bulb????
Because he was in need of a light snack!~!!~!!

When does a skeleton laugh??????
When something tickles his funny bone!!!!!!~~~~!!!!!!!!

And here is today's treat????



  1. Thank you for the kiss. Hee hee. I love your quilt top too, can I borrow it next? It is very cute and the purple is of course a nice touch. Can't wait to see Cindy Lou! Have a great week!! L, A-

  2. Miss the doll, but nice, new background.
    Absolutely love the quilt, Di!

  3. Love the Halloween quilt, Di. It's sooo cute! Can't wait to see your Cindy Lou Who quilt; Sandy is working on hers too. It's almost Show and Tell day so you guys are cutting it right under the wire, woo-hoo!And you're killing me with those know I'm Teaching them to my Prince. He doesn't "get" jokes. IN fact, he tells a joke and then his punchline is "Gene Paul is telling a joke, hahaha!" LOL! Gotta love that kid! B=)

  4. Love, love, love your Halloween quilt! Your new background is cute too. Today is my day to work on my Cindy Lou quilt. This month is going to be close....


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