Thursday, November 5, 2009


These were fresh picked  today----

NO--NO--NO---Not corn---these---

Well---we are getting closer---but instead of de-feathering a turkey-bird--I did this--

Are they not adorable????????  I know I said "No more Paper piecing, but my good blogger friend --Alice--at Alice in Quiltersland--from AU--sent me the pattern and he really is soooo cute that I had to do him up!!!  I still do not like "p-p"--but there are times in life when one one has to do things one doesn't "like" to do---like housework--so I just thought of it as that!!!!!!

Well--I did it--got all 70 siggy blocks signed and packaged and in the mail--it feels so good to have all my swaps and exchanges done and mailed -- except for one ornament exchange and that is just making one ornament and I have not gotten who my partner is yet for that one---NOW??????

Talking Turkey here---
Which side of the "turkey" has more feathers??????

the outside!!!!!  ( how many of your got this one right????)

Have a good day---happy stitching--and don't forget to pop in on my other site now and

Hugs, Di


  1. I love, love your turkey blocks. They are gorgeous. I love the colors you used. I love the fabrics you got in your last post as well. They are so nice and for $2.00 a half yard. That's great. I'm almost done the binding on my Winter White Schnibbles. I just might get it done tonight. I'll see how late I can manage to stay up. I have to work in the morning.

  2. I don't think I have ever saw turkey blocks. So cute! I bet it was fun.

  3. I think that block is great! How cute!

  4. I love the turkey blocks ~ never saw them before! So so cute and colorful! - Tammy

  5. Hey Di-
    They are so cute!! And you put purple in--very nice touch. I am definitely going to have to do some more. I have managed to get back to work. I have finished my Nov block for Harmony Village, now I am going to put the borders on my carolers. Congrats on finishing all your sig blocks. Hope you can still sew after all that writing. I will try to fix the email this time. We shall see! I am so un-technical!If it doesn't work I will ask DH. A-

  6. This little "gobblers" are just wonderful!! Great color!!

  7. I am in love The Gobble Gobble look! I seldom see turkeys made up into blocks by themselves and this block is so cute.

    No, I didn't get your "giggle" today - maybe that's another reason hubby calls me "slow". LOL

  8. Adorable turkey blocks. I haven't tried paper piecing yet. If I had that pattern I would probably cave in and do them too. They are cute!

  9. I just found your blog and had to pop in and say hello. I have always wanted to try quilting and love those turkeys, such fun :) Have a very nice weekend, Hugs, Catherine x

  10. Great turkeys Di! You must have a lot of patience! Have a great weekend!

  11. cute little turkeys!

    Thanks for your encouragment :)


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