Friday, November 6, 2009

A HAT!!!

My goodness--some days can really come up with some "surprises" and they can be the kind that you are not sure what it means or how are you suppose to handle them!!!!

After I came back from visiting my friend, Mary and getting her tea--I "felt" I needed to go straight to the laundry room and do some much needed laundry--before I let the day get away with me and it not get done AGAIN!!!  My little sister stopped by as I was starting it and all of a sudden she said to me--"do you know that you have a broken blood vessel in your right eye???"    Ahh---NO---never had one before why would I have one now???   so I came home and looked in the mirror and sure enough there is "red" there--maybe that expression "seeing red" really means red spots in the eyes???
Not really--my sight seems fine and I have no pain--at this time anyways--so now what does it mean----too much eye strain being on the computer too many hours each night---to much paper piecing(being frustrated that the piece of fabric doesn't fit the area--again!!!)  or is it do to my high blood pressure problem--(but I have had high pressure since i was 40 and not had this before)  or is it just "my" turn??????  Then again maybe it is "stress" and trying to do too many projects all the time????
Take your pick??!!??!!!

Then to make a slowly going down the tubes day--go a little faster down hill--we decided that the dryer's were just "too smelly" for me to put my clothes in to dry them!!!  If you remember I have a health issue with all kinds of scents--especially perfumery ones--and the upstairs dryer are connected to the dryers in the down stairs laundry room--so if someone is down there using them--it smells up the upstairs one and it gets in my clothes and then I get real sick when i wear them--FUN!!!  So some came home wet and got hung in the shower to dry and some went downstairs to the little laundry room where there is only one dryer--but to make this long story short--I got the laundry done and then tried to "chill" out for the afternoon and I did get one finish done---

so I have "two" hats to send to the Hospital for the new babies!!!

Also had another order come in--

There is four pieces of fabric here--the top one goes with one of my charm packs and the next two go with another set of charm packs and the fourth one is a real pretty red swirl for the "Stash"!!!!!  

And I got 2 more Patterns--WHY--just because---first they had an offer that you would get a free pattern your choice--and then if you ordered a pattern shipping was "free" and I like the word "free"---SOOOOOOOOO!!!

Have a wonderful week end "you all"
Hugs, Di


  1. Love your post, What hospital do you make your hats for? I love knitting and i love charity. So if you can send me details i would love to help. You have a wonderful week too.

  2. Your little hats are so cute. I wish I could knit. I love the fabric you got too.

  3. It is so nice of you to knit for the babies! I enjoy being able to help out community-wise from time to time!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Hi Di-
    Anytime you can get a finish and get laundry done, it can't be all bad. Plus more great fabric and patterns. Hope you eye is nothing serious and has nothing to do with sewing!!!! Take care. L, A-

  5. Phew - I'm tired just reading about your day.
    Seriously - hope your eye gets to looking and feeling better soon.

    And, after all is said and done - it wasn't a total loss today - you did get some "stash".

  6. Fabric and patterns makes for a wonderful day!

    Great job on the second hat. Keep up the good work!

    I understand completely about the "smelly" dryers. Before anything scented is brought into the house it has to pass the Mom's sniffer test. I know right off it will bother my asthma or hubby's asthma. Everyone seems to love all those bold fragrances now a days.

  7. I just love the babies hats! Do the babies get to keep them? Oh, and keep an eye on that eye (hihi).

  8. I have had the eye problem several times. The doctors tell me that it isn't anything damaging, isn't blood pressure, isn't anything I've done.... IT JUST HAPPENS!
    So, taking a break is wonderful but you eye might not really signify anything.


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