Monday, November 2, 2009

Now what is "she" doing???

What is this???????

that is not sewing or quilting---if I don't miss my guess that Miss Di is yarn and knitting needles---what's up?????
My friend took me to get groceries this morning on the way home she asked me if I could make her a couple copies of a baby hat pattern and that our local hospital was running low on the hats--so I made myself a copy and have started one for them--I worked on it later after this picture and have it about half way now!!!!!

And I had a BIG surprise in the mail today----late on Friday I did an order on the Internet at a new fabric shop to me and would you believe that it was in todays mail--and this came all the way from California to New York--my goodness--

the top piece goes with my Miss Jumps charm packs--and the two blue ones goes with the American Primer II charm packs---

And we all know why I got these fabrics (hint: Di loves anything with cats on it)--these all go together--they are really pretty colors!!!

And look what else they had----Cosmo Embroidery thread--they do not yet have the whole line--but their price is alittle lower and the shipping is awhole lot less--and I do not have some (most) of the colors they are carrying now--so I got some and will order more on my next order!!!!  I got a nice thank you  paper and a pretty book mark--I feel spoiled by them--- look them up!!!!

Well--that's all for tonight--other than this--

What sound does a space turkey make??????

Hugs, Di


  1. I love the fabric you got. It's so nice. I ordered the new Schnibbles pattern for November and some charm packs to make it. It wasn't worth me just ordering the pattern because the shipping was so much. I ended up ordering it from Missouri. I hope I get it in time. This pattern sold out fast. I've been working the last 5 days. I'm ready for a break so that I can get some sewing done. I hope you are well. Take care!! Hugs Ariane

  2. I love it all BUT the CAT FABBY is awesome!!!!!
    Thanks for the tip..may have to check out those threads for a sweet Di of mine here, for a Christmas gift!

    BooHoo I cannot knit and really cannot add another get it done activity to my already over loaded agenda! Ha!You go gal...I have no doubts you will have plenty done!!
    Lola..still petting her gifties...;-)

  3. Just starting to wonder if you ever sleep? lol

    The little hat is going to look sweet on a new baby's head. I love to knit baby hats because they are so fast!

  4. Hi Di! Love your blog, it is just sooo nice! Awesome fabric. I want to try that Cosmo embroidery floss, you'll have to let me know how you like it! Only, will it spoil us for DMC? LOL I'll definitely check out that shop, thanks!


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