Sunday, November 1, 2009


I must admit I am glad that Halloween is over as it really is not my holiday--I did more this year that I have in along time--you see I am really not into "witches--spells--ghosts--" and so far---I am much more into "blessings--miracles--angels"---so I am excited about the next two months!!!!!!

   In fact I have my workbasket site all set up for --- Christmas--even with some music--so pop over there and check it out!!!!

I did get my ornament siggy blocks done last Friday--

and I hope to get them in the mail on Tuesday--now I just have the civil war siggy block to do and that is hopefully next on the work table!!!!  I did spend part of today working on the new Schnibbles--the Picnic-- pattern---NO--I did not start sewing it--I did go over to my local quilt shop to pick it up-and she did have it==but I was unable to get waited on (LONG STORY) so I ended up coming home empty handed--my sister had a couple pieces of fabric she wanted also--but!!!!

I got on the internet and I found it along with some other delightful fabric at really low prices--soooo--I have something to look forward to coming in the mail!!!!  And I did pick out one of my Charm packs that I already have to make the Picnic with--am I good girl or what?????

Here is a cute little nick nack that came home with me on Friday when I went over town to the bank etc--
You know me and my kitties--also got a couple things for Thanksgiving decorations!!!

WELL--time to go for now--take care--and stay out of the "Kids" candy!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. You have been very busy. I can't stay out of the kids candy bowl. I wish they had took it all.

  2. It's too late--I have already eaten a bunch! I told myself I would work it off doing the house cleaning. Your ornaments are really pretty. I am sure everyone will love them. Can't wait to see your new Schnibbles. L, A-

  3. Wow...quilt shop that busy to not make a sale? Is it one you frequent?

  4. Your ornaments look great! I love the trees in them.

    I have to agree with you about Halloween. I love all the sweet things about it (no, not the candy lol) I love the cartoony pumpkins and scarecrows.

    I've ordered my November Schnibble and actually bought fabric this time too. I'm looking forward to seeing this one all finished.


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