Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sew AND Sew!!!!

I did work a little on the embroidery model for the shop order--then went down and got Mary her tea--came home and worked on the Picnic blocks---and now I have a little something to share (was in one of my camera moods today--so hang on there;s lots'n'lots of photos tonight!!!!)

First up is this photo--

Was working on this one when I noticed I was "way" off on the points meeting--do I leave it or do I take it out?????

Well that Mr. Ripit had his idea--Take it out and do it right; Di--or at least as right as you can make it!!!

So I redid it and was excited to see they matched--NO--now wait what is that pucker doing there???  Oh I see I caught some of the fabric in the new restitching--OK--Mr Ripit--I hear you---back to work you go---

There now it that better--they match and the wrinkle is flat now--good girl, Di!!!!
And here is all 16 blocks--

OH by the way--that was not the last block that I had to use Mr. Ripit for!!!!!
I really do love these colors this time---Any one ready to go on a Picnic yet???????

As for guessing the fabric line I had several guess's all the same line, but it is not correct--so try to guess again---Hint--think singing!!!!

At 4:00 I went back down to Mary's to watch Oprah with her and the singing contest--is any one else watching this?????  I did vote--but it was hard as I thought all three  where much better singer's than me--but then I can not sing a single note!!!!!!!!!!!

As I was about ready to leave and it was over we discovered an awesome sunset so I literally ran up here and grabbed the camera and threw open the window (this sounds like a Christmas story?????) and I took the following pictures:

And this one--

And this one--

And this one--

we don't usually get them this red here or this colorful--so  it was alot of fun hanging out the window and taking the pictures--I also have some other pictures I took and played with--for another time!!!

Why can't you take a turkey to Church????
Because they use such "fowl" language!!!!

Have a great day tomorrow--oh my is it really??????

Hugs Di


  1. Okay!!! I think I got it this time. It took me a while. But the "singing" hint did help. I think it's "Nature's Chorus". Am I right???? I hope so.

  2. OK--I am not the first, but I did have a really, really fun time on line searching through fabric lines finding out that it is Nature's Chorus. So much fun in fact that I may have to pull out the wallet and do some shopping. Your baskets are amazing. What would we do without Mr. Ripit? It is getting really hot here--perfect picnic weather. Hard to think about Christmas when you are wearing shorts!!! Have a great weekend. L, A-

  3. Wow, you do get things done, Di. The blocks are lovely. And so are the sunset photos - magnificent colours.

  4. What a cute entry -- you made me smile!! I love the sunset pictures. Having lived in the southwest a long time I got used to lovely sunsets. Unfortunately, the colors signify that there is pollution in the air!
    Where we lived it was mostly dust, but chemical pollutants can also cause color changes. Sure is nice to look at, no matter what the cause!

  5. Beautiful sunsets! I love sitting outside and watching the sunset. So peaceful and calming.

    Your blocks look great. I think out of the 16 I probably had to rip at least half of them. A few of those were redone twice too lol.

  6. Dear Mom,

    Thanks for the sunset. It brightened my day.



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