Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shoe Shopping!!!!

I sorta went "shoe shopping" today in a fabric store?????

Any one who has ever went shoe shopping knows how it goes---your feet and the shoe styles clash!!!!  There are always lots of colors--except the one color you are seeking!!! You need summer shoes--but they already have winter shoes on the shelves!!!!  You would like some sales clerk advice--but she is busy with others or the phone keeps ringing or a salesman comes in and wants her attention--or all of the above!!!

Finally you chose some shoes---I mean fabric and you come home thinking "the job is done"--only to discover they really don't fit right after all!!!!

That was how it went for me today in trying to find the borders for this project--

Now we have seen this before--and we know that I have some more done on it--in fact I am at the basting stage for quilting it--so the other day I got the batting and backing all cut and set it aside as I needed to work on something else--well --for some reason late last night it "hit" me--I had to do some out side border(s) before I basted and quilted it---DUH!!!!   So I spent some time this morning while I was waiting for my friend Ann to come, going through my fabric---NOW REMEMBER I have already purchased --not one --but two--different sets of outer border fabrics as I changed the inside colors---but like those "shoes" they just did not fit right--wrong colors--wrong pattern sizes--whatever---SO---Anne took me to the quilt shop to look for more ---what a mess--tried and tried to find some to work---I FINALLY--got some gold print and some solid black and came home.  End of Story----NO---when I was finally able to go into the sewing room -- I just was still NOT happy--my new shoes were pinching my feet--big time--so back to my stash---
Here is what they did for their border--

I could not find anything on this line for mine---and I always like to do my "Own" thing--so here is my border--

I know I mixed fabric textures---but believe me--this works for me and was the best look---and I am exhausted from trying on so many different kinds of "shoes"-- to even come up with this look!!!!!
Now have no fear--as I did use the gold one to make the back I had cut larger--the back now has a border too!!!
Hopefully tomorrow I will be working on the Picnic pattern--can't wait!!!!

Teacher:  Why do we have a Thanksgiving Holiday????
Student: So we know when to start Christmas shopping!!!!!!


This picture is for all the dog lovers out there too!!!!
Happy stitching---Hugs, Di


  1. I think your border turned out great!
    And the dog is cute .... cat, too! Have a nice day! Hugs from Anne-Lise

  2. Hi Di-
    I think I am worn out just reading about your borders/shoes day. Mixing and matching worked out very well--it looks really nice. I hope tomorrow will be less stressful for you. L, A-

  3. I like how you split the border. Definitely worth trying on all those shoes.


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