Thursday, November 26, 2009

Still Fall things!!!

OH dear--I had them get down my fall tote with all the Christmas totes on Wednesday from the top of my closet--because I needed to at least tuck the new things I had gotten in around the other stuff---and OH MY I rediscovered all my fall treasures--

Did all three of these counted cross stitch items--

this is a design I did of my own a few years ago--

I did little quilt in fall scraps two years ago--is all done by hand--

another counted cross stitch I did a while ago, now--

and this quilt--

Is from a class in 2007--a stash buster's class and I did just use from my stash--as it was a fall class I decided to do it in fall colors!!!

there's a few more pictures for tomorrow on fall--then we will really be onto Christmas---
I did do two loads of washing this morning and visited with my friend  Mary--she got a blood transfusion on Tuesday--so she is feeling pretty "perky" today!!!

Then the Church brought us our Thanksgiving dinner--it was really yummy and I ate it all!!!!  I did save the slice of pumpkin pie for mid afternoon and boy did I need it then!!! 

I was cleaning and moving furniture around to make room for the trees!!!!
Finally I got it done and they are up and ready for the decorations tomorrow!!!
My one Thanksgiving tradition has always been to load up my CD player with the christmas albums and I did that too--and that is what I am listening to now!!!!

I even got some quilting in on the Picnic quilt--so far the Plan is on schedule--but tomorrow is another day--so who knows if this train will stay on schedule?????

By the way--I still can't find that "turkey"--are you sure you haven't seen him anywhere????

Hugs, Di


  1. Love all your fall work. I seem to have a pile of unfinished fall things. I hope next year will be better after we get settled. I am trying to get some of the BOMs done before I pack everything up. Trying. I am glad part of my blog is back to normal. I still can't get it to update anywhere but on mine. Maybe that will fix itself one day too. Have fun with your Christmas decorating. L,A-

  2. You've made some beautiful fall things. Can't wait to see your Christmas beauties. I'm also doing trees today. I have to hold off on one tomorrow because my grandson wants to help with it.

  3. Love your Fall items! I had my slice of pumpkin pie at 10 pm during my break at work and boy was it delicious. I don't think I have had pumpkin pie in about 3 years and it was as good as I remember :)

    Love the music in the background!


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