Monday, November 9, 2009


What is that "awful" racket coming from my sewing room?????

Now why do I hear all this "gobble--gobble--gobbleing" going on in there???

OK guys--what is the problem in here???
OH --I see you want me to finish you into placemats and put you on the table for everyone to see!!!  well you are in luck today--guys--cause that's the plan!!!!


Oh--No--you guys are getting noisy again--I know you each want to get done first--well--you see I can only sew one of you at a time--so chill out!!!!

HOURS LATER and a lot of thread snips:

There are you "guys" happy---you are all done and ready for the dinning room table!!!!
And here is you "back-side"--

One of my favorite pieces of fabric==it;s a pretty rust color with acorns on it--does it ever make you "sad" when you use a "favorite" fabric up and it's an older one -- so you know you won't be finding any more---or are there soo many new fabrics all the time that one fabric or another isn't all that special to you??????

No the kitties aren't mine--I do not have a kitten right now--I really miss one--but they are alot of care and money--so one day I am going to get another one and the next I am not!!!!  So for now I collect kitty pictures off the Web and I have files full of the cutest kitty pictures and so have decided to share one now and then--I even have lots of other animal pictures to share, too!!!!
The secret to stuffing a Turkey???

How many cooks does it take to stuff a turkey????
Only one---BUT--you REALLY have to squeeze to get him all in!!!!!!!!

Well--I need to go read some of your blog post tonight--Monday is always a "full" house for you all to post--so I have lots of reading to do!!!

Have fun-----Hugs, Di


  1. I love your turkey placemats. They are so cute.

  2. Di, LOVE the placemats! Those turkeys are too cute. If I could just find that snippet of time here on the farm, I would definitely try me a turkey quilt :) Someday (will it ever come?).
    Did you see our kitten pictures? I'm going to be so sad to part with them. They're just as cute as can be. -Tammy

  3. The placemats look great! Hadn't thought of that. I was aiming for a wall hanging or something. The kitty pictures are very cute. My mom is babysitting my kitties while we are in Perth. I do miss them a lot. Take care! L, A-

  4. LOVE the placemats Di!
    Those kitties are just too cute!

  5. I love those place-mats Di!!At least you CAN do paper piecing I am still to chicken to try it...well I did a few years back and just could not figure it out...did not do a class...maybe one day!
    Yes we adore our Cocoa Kitty and outside kitty Marmalade, she will NOT come in, her choice.
    Our fur babes are part of the family could never give away.. part of the family!!

    Fall hugs,

  6. Those turkeys look like they were meant to be placemats!


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