Thursday, December 3, 2009


And the count down is truly under way now--

Had a busy day to day--I even did this--

Went down and got Mary her cup of tea--she now has a pain patch and is excited that tonight she is not in as much pain--bless her!!

then did some sewing in the sewing room--am working at putting together the Christmas Wish blocks--have the center done and the border pieces cut!!!!

And then I went to Mary's in the afternoon and had this--

talk about "yummy"!!!!!

When I got home I actually carried this down and did it--

And so I did some "great" stuff today!!!!

Plus I took some photos of some ornaments on my tree---here goes---

I actually painted these two for the kids--but so far I still have them--they were done years--years ago!!!

Dawn's first grade teacher made each of the students one of these--1974(?)--

This is a Hatched and Patched pattern that I feel in love with last year--

A skate that I made out of felt one year -long ago- for son Dan--

One of the kids made this in school--long-long ago--it is just a plastic ring with yarn ties to it and then a piece of pink felt glued onto the back of the ring and 2 wiggle eyes glued inside--

and this is a mouse I made back in 1986 or so and I sold a batch or two of them at craft shows!!!

THIS journey to Di's tree will continue tomorrow so be sure to tune back in then!!!!

Why does Santa have 3 gardens???????
So he can "HO-HO-HO"!!!!!!!!

Have a Christmas cookie or two--or bake some and eat them fresh from the oven--Yum!!!   Hugs, Di

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  1. I love your ornaments. I have my tree filled with ornaments the kids and I have made over the years. The kids always help decorate the tree and we talk about the ornaments they have made. It's a lot of fun.

  2. WOW--I didn't look at the laptop yesterday and I certainly missed a lot. I am very glad to hear that Mary had a good day! And I love all of your decorations. The ones from the kids are always so cute. I must unbury all of mine when I get home. Your stitcheries look great. Can't wait to see the finished product of Gail's Christimas Wishes. I have two more to do. I am going to trace them and the rest of Verandah Views in a little while and then they will go in my suitcase. I will probably do a few others to add to my pile as well. Now I must go empty the dryer--must be a laundry sort of day. Take Care. L, A-

  3. Happy to hear Mary had a better day. Love all the ornaments. I like to make a new one for the tree each year.

    I guess some days you just have to do your chores.

  4. Lots of fun stuff going on at our house. Such cute ornaments. Those Christmas signature blocks are so pretty too.


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