Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My blue tree is now a joyful and funny adventure and I can laugh about it all--me and the bank now agree on my balance and all overdrafts were lifted---YES!!!!

               it is Julia of Julia's place---congratulations, Julia---she just has to pick one out and then it will be in the mail to her!!!

Don't cry if you did not win this time--there will be other "times"  so best to read me every day--even you are busy--take a moment and enjoy some blog reading!!!!

ALSO--I will be posting nearly everyday on the Di's workbasket site--there I am posting about different holiday ideas--etc.  Just click on the side bar and it takes you to that site---ENJOY!!!!

Now for today's "adventures"--
FIRST this was my entertainment--

Yep--another dirty--- dusty--- job---

It did take awhile--they started at 8:30 am and by 2:00 pm it was done--

Now for the clean up--that will take them a good day--the pile is really large!!!

This is what I worked on this morning while I was watching them work--

This is ready for batting and backing and some hand quilting--I love the color!!!

Then Little sister and I went over town and had a slice of pizza for lunch--then the bank--and I seen this parked across the street--

does anyone know the make, model, year of this baby????  It is "my color" I know that!!!
At the Quilt shop--also across the street from the bank--I got this--

Got all kinds of neat ideas and patterns I want to do in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then--of course on the way to the drug store--we had to go right past my favorite Country shop--and for some reason my feet just seem to turn in and my hands for some reason always seem to open the door--but look what I found today----

Isn't she the "sweetest"?????  And she is made from a Christmas hankie--so of course I had to give her a new home with my hankies!!!!

Now for some more Hoosier decorating--

this is upper right hand side--the gingerbread on the bottom shelf, on the right is one I made and painted and is my own design--this is from years ago again and was even a class I taught then--

this is the center section on top and this one has a glass door--can you see that I have a candle light inside the old metal  round grater--cute--bottom shelf on the right is a gingerbread I made also long time ago--the little pillow in the bowl is from a craft show and the other gingerbread angel came from a country shop 5 or 6 years ago!!

this shelf is on the left side and this is a gingerbread doll that i designed when i had my shop 10 years ago!!

Would you believe that I don;t remember where I got this wood gingerbread from--???

this one my friend Sally gave me a couple years ago--he;s a big boy!!!!

AND HERE IT IS ALL TOGETHER---I have really enjoyed decorating this Hoosier this year--but I have really enjoyed sharing the photos with all of you--thanks!!!

Have a break today and enjoy an extra cup of tea/coffee/hot cocoa!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Love all your decorations. They are so nice. I love all you gingerbread men. They are so cute.

  2. Thank you Di for the giveaway...I'm thrilled to bits to be the winner..
    I love a red stocking please...any red one will be lovely..
    I love that Hoosier
    Julia ♥

  3. Oh, the hoosier is just lovely. The aprons look so great too.
    Congrats to the winner.

  4. What a festive hoosier, so pretty, Di.

    Have to add: my favorite graphic today is the sewing machine with the sweet heart on it. Wouldn't that be too cute as an applique on a small wall quilt?

  5. aacckk! I want that little dollie!!! She is adorable!

    I think that car is an old Studebaker, but I could be wrong.

  6. Very pretty decor and glad all worked out bank wise.

  7. Your redwork wall hanging is looking great. Your new addition to the hankie collection is adorable!

    Your hoosier is looking great all decorated.

    Hey, look! It's snowing on your blog. How cute :)

  8. What a great idea for those redworks, love it. And I think that car is a Studebaker.


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