Friday, December 18, 2009


I have discovered that sometimes being late doing things can have "great/good" out comes---
I ended up with 2 giveaways one on each of my two "sites"-- on the same day--and I had 4 comments on each site--so maybe that was why it took me "an" extra day or so to do the drawings--I do not do that "random genny" thing--I want to draw my winners myself --it is more work--but sooo much more fun!!!!

On this site the giveaway had to do with "HUGS" that day and the winner is:

*********KELLY from
she emailed me today to say that she was a "happy" winner and it was her BIRTHDAY--how cool is that (no Kelly I won"t tell what number this b-day is--that is for you to do????)

on the Di'sWorkbasket site
*********CHARLENE won from 
she emailed me today to say that she was an "happy" winner and that today was her 15th Wedding Anniversary--but that it was a sad and lonely one for  her as her husband is serving our country overseas--but now she was smiling--also it was the first time she had won anything---how wonderful is that!!!!!

Now I have to get my "act" together and get a couple packages out in the mail on Monday!!!!
(I actually feel like I am the winner today!!!!!)

On ward we go---

I did get finished last night and got it pressed today--it is last Christmas's gift to us from Gail Pan --I really enjoyed stitching this and how have this years already traced and ready to stitch--will do it to match this one as I plan to make them into pillows!!

 I worked in the "workshop" on these today--they just are layered with back and batting and the print square on top==then I did a fancy stitch around each block then cut them with the pinking shears--then I will press each one and give it alittle spray starch and a thread at the top to hang them with and I have some little gifts for my Christmas cards--etc.

How simple!!!!

Another fabric goodie package from the mail man today---but this should be my last order at least until-- until --- well--knowing me until January 2010---Next year--think I can wait until next year for more fabric??????

I think this picture I took a little bit ago is sooo cute---doesn't it look like my buddy is smelling the tree??????

Sandy claws!!!!!!

NOW you all be good little "Angels" this week end and stay safe---and eat some holiday goodies for me!!!!  



  1. Love the little pictures! You have some really smashing ideas!
    Congrats to the winners.

  2. Congratulations to the winner, and what a cute idea for a card enclosure.

  3. I love your embroidery! Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Congratulations ladies!!

    I love your little tuck ins. Cards are so much more fun with a little something tucked in :)

    Nice fabric. I love the background color in the middle one.

  5. Ooh, I'm just so excited! Thanks so much Di, for the neat drawing and also for the Birthday sign, and not telling my age! I so love the stitchery you did, and the cards are really neat too!


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