Monday, December 14, 2009


I was totally "surprised" today when I went down to get the mail--I had 3 packages--two I knew about--

Here is another "one penny" book from amazon that I ordered--got some cute and neat patterns in it and some of the items aren't quilts--so that was nice--

And this package came in--now I want to take a Christmas break--HEY--DO YOU THINK WE COULD PUT A HOLD ON CHRISTMAS DAY FOR AWHILE??????--I want to play with the Tuffets pattern--seen acouple done around blogland and they are sooo cute--and--blog friends who quilt--if you have not gotten this magazine--100 Blocks--I say "run--run--run--as fast as you can" to pick one of these up--they are only $5.99--as it is a magazine--not a book--and let me tell you it is a WONDERFUL MAGAZINE--these blocks are to die for--and I think we should start a "100 Club" and do some of them and post them---JUST BEAUTIFUL--so go buy yourself an early gift--you deserve it!!!!

An then there was this PACKAGE---came all the way from NORWAY and it was not an exchange or swap---just a gift of love--from---

My very "special" friend Anne-Lise of was my very first commenter on the blog site  and we have become friends in the last 10 months that I have been blogging---SO ANNE-LISE--THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY HEART SING TODAY--it needed that!!!

Went to the Library today and these followed me home--along with some other ones--now when do you think I will get to read them as these guys are still missing--

I think by the looks of them they like their "old" boss --better than me--!!!!!

I probably do too much "whinning" for them to stay around and more than likely this little lady bakes better than I do---

AND I have it from a good source that they keep one of these in their back yard--

So there "milk" is fresher than mine----OH well!!!!!

Have fun today and don;t forget to take a break and to look at all your pretty decorations and "smile" at a job well-done!!

Hugs, Di


  1. I'm turning into a cat lover....
    Pleased it got to you on time :) Hugs,

  2. Some great things in your mail box. I have the 100 blocks magazine too. Some really cool blocks.
    Well, I hope those elves can help you not to push the panic button. lol


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