Monday, December 21, 2009


A few years ago when I was living in Florida--I worked as a waitress at a Friendly's Restaurant on the beach---for the first 3 months I worked there the head waitress on my shift, could not get my name correct--she insisted on calling me "Debbie"--I finally gave up on trying to correct her-- and then it got to be fun to be 'somebody" else for 5 hours each day--I really was Debbie!!!!  But then one day I went in and she all of sudden started calling me "Diane" which is my real name (Unless I have gotten into trouble again and then you spell my name Trouble with a big "T" in front of it!!!!!)--well--I was sooo sad to have to say good-bye to Debbie--it was almost like losing a part of me that was "special"!!!!

SOOO what does that have to do with today's post??????

Well--you are going to help me rename "ME" for the next year?????   Yep---for some reason at the first of this year I told my family and friends to call me "Di" this year and that is how and why I sign my posts--Di!!!!!   But I have discovered there are several "Di's" out there in blogland--in fact one just won a magazine on a post--one that I do read and comment on--but I do not know if I am the "Di" that won or not as that is all she said in the post was "Di" won????? 
And it's been a year now--2010 needs it's own "new" name--right??????

So give me some ideas for a new name to go on my post signings--we can keep the "Di" part or change it ---what is your thoughts?????????? (Please be kind--I already know that I am Crazy---but only a little right????)

I did get a finish done yesterday---

got the two little newborn baby hats done--

One is for the first "Christmas boy baby" born at Christmas--

And the pink one is for the first "Christmas girl baby" born!!!!

Hope the Hospital likes them!!!!

Yesterday I said I was going shopping and I did go with a girl-friend -- we went to Micheal's big Sunday evening sale--you got an extra 15% off your total sale between the hours of 4pm and 10pm--Plus all there Christmas was on sale--NOW I thought it said at 70% off--well--I can't read!!!!  It said UP TO 70% OFF--Plus they had one coupon for 50% off any one item and I needed rotary blades--soooo off we went!!!

They had a big crowd--but I managed to get around--the first thing I really want is a new tree for next year--they did not have but two trees and neither one was any thing I wanted!!!  Looked at the blades--they wanted $9.00 for just one blade???? So I did spend some time wandering around the store and looking--my big purchase in the Christmas dept was 3 spools of 3 colors of narrow ribbon (3 colors on each spool for $1.50 a spool--and I found them in other colors to use during the year on my crafts--and a pretty gold glitter bird for 60% off!!!  I did find 2 new calendars for $1 each for next year and a package of very tiny star and circle buttons and a package of bead trim for purses or whatever.  Then I went back to the Quilting section and looked at the rotary blades again--I happened to find a package down at the bottom of the shelf of 2 blades for $5.99--yes and at 50% off not bad and then the 15%off--YES--JACKPOT!!!!  WAS time to check out--I laid the package of blades on the counter and told the clerk I wanted to use the 50% off coupon on that and the then the 15 %off one--She informed me--nicely--that I could only use ONE of the coupons--company policy--( you know what I wanted to say about that??????)-- but I am always "nice"--so I said that is ok-- I will just keep the blades and coupon and get back in line after I pay for the rest of this and use it then---So to make a long story short--I got the rest of my stuff at the 15% off--got in another line and got my blades at 50% off and came home a HAPPY CAMPER!!!!

OK now  have some fun coming up with my "new" name--and have some fun getting all the last minute things done for Christmas--

Hugs, Di


  1. G'eve D ~ The wee hats are darling, someone is going to look cute as can be. This was a quick around the block with you ... chuckle!

    May your celebrations be joyous ~
    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Your baby Santa hats are cute!

    I don't have a new name for you yet. Have to think on that one a bit.

  3. Since your 2 previous names both started with D, how about DeDe?
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Hello--
    I am back--if only for a short time while we are in the hotel. I think you should be called Super Shopper Di. You crack me up. I never thought of that. Love the little hats--I am sure the hospital will too.

  5. Funny story!
    Well, I have the same problem and so I sign my blog with Carrie P.There is another Carrie P. but she doesn't sign her name with the P. so that is good. So you could use Di and your last name initial.
    Fun shopping day!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas!

  6. So glad you got to go with your friend to get some goodies at Micheals! Alright -- I'm thinking DIVA! Maybe because it happens to be in the name of the Sweetest Treat on earth -- Godiva Truffles! What do ya think???


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