Friday, January 8, 2010


I just got back from my friend, Mary's, when what did I hear---
             KNOCK KNOCK--

I went to the door and there was my new friend, Madeline--your right on time I told her--and then she told me I could call  her--Maddy, for short, as seeing we planned on being friends and planned to work together!!!

We had already decided we would use the "Candy Kisses" line from Moda, by Sandy Gervais--I had 2 charm packs and had "rooted" around in my stash and found a couple other pieces to go with the line so that we would have enough---

So out came the sewing equipment---

And I got the sewing machine all warmed up,then we were ready to do the first block---

OK is this "pretty" or what???
BUT Maddy lets go out for "lunch"??
What---oh--are you sure you just want me to "whip" up something from my kitchen???    OK!!!

I found us some tuna fish and made sandwiches and we had  some veggie chips with it and a good book---
AFTER lunch I got on a roll--and was lining up the blocks to sew them--

and "Maddy" and I got busy--and as my ironing board faces,, and is under the window , we got to watch this "snow" scene off and on all afternoon---

We did enjoy some sun late in the day--but not warm enough to melt anything!!
We sewed and sewed---around 3:30 pm==I wanted to stop for a break---BUT---
Maddy got this out---
And said "NO way"--keep stitching--I can not come back tomorrow to help--I have other plans tomorrow--SO---keep on keeping on!!!   SO just to keep our new "friendship" fresh--I kept sewing and sewing and sewing--and around 6:00pm this is what I had to show for the whole afternoon's work---

And a close up--

The top to Madeline is all done----
Maddy was pleased I believe--she was kinda in a hurry to go home--so I "hope" she is pleased with our day's worth of work????

( did I mention that "Maddy" dear was a little "squirrely" at times????

OH WELL--it was a good day---

Bye--Maddy---here is some "candy kisses" just for you!!!!

(I wonder "who" the squirrly one around here really is???????)

Have a great week end---I plan to do the "c" word for the next two days ==to my sewing room and the kitchen!!!!!

Hugs, Di & Co.


  1. I'm glad your new friend Maddy decided to show up. She really put you to work all day. At least she gave you her heart and lots of candy kisses. Now you can take a break and just sit and enjoy her blushed cheeks. Don't forget to sit and have a bit of tea (or coffee) to relax though. You are way ahead of me. I think Maddy is going to put me to work this weekend too. But I'm not sure I'll get as much accomplished as you.

  2. Your Madeline's top is wonderful, I had the same idea to make it with Valentine's fabrics, ready for february...kiss from snowy France!

  3. It's beautiful, Di! And all in one day! Keep warm and enjoy the weekend.

  4. What a girl that Maddy is. She sure knows how to dress for Valentine's Day, all decked out in pinks and reds. She's a smart looking lady!

    I think Maddy's one red hot lady! She's a winner to me. So much so, that I think I might do Maddy a red as well.

    Keep warm, Di, you're truly the funnest blogger I know.

  5. WoW, Maddy looks great! I love her in red :)

    I guess you were on a roll. Finished her up in one day. I haven't even decided on fabrics yet lol. I think I will be cutting it close this month.

  6. I love it! I wish i had the pattern for it.

  7. Hello,
    That is darling.. Wow, did you work but look what you got.. Sometimes the "C" can just wait,,lol


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