Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As you seen I got the Christmas Wish quilt all done yesterday--remember???

And remember I showed you that I sewed a ribbon and a button on top of each block---WELL
I took the quilt to show my friend Mary downstairs today--but on the way on Wednesdays I go by way of the community room first as they have a "coffee hour" and always have "sweets" and I like to take some to Mary--so as I got there today--everyone says--lets see your quilt--now little sister is sitting there, too---so I open up the quilt--all proud of my work---and then little sister says--why did you do that one different--is it a mistake or did you do it on purpose????
I really thought little sister had lost it---and no body else could see anything different--so she gets up and comes around and points to the first block--

and we all "gasp" and by "catfish" there is one "different"---can you see what I did????   we all had a little laugh and I went on my way!!!

At Mary's I show her the quilt and we laugh about the one block--then I go into the kitchen to fix her tea and I look down and I really start LAUGHING---you see my vest was on "backwards" and it really was noticeable---I like to laugh at myself--but I think I was also laughing at the fact that NOBODY IN the community room noticed---only what was wrong with the quilt!!!!!
Any way this is my story and I am laughing all the way through it!!!!!!

AND here is another BOM finish---see side bar for a link to copy it --my two really good blogging friends, Alice and Joy are doing these together--so hurry over and get one!!!!

The highlight of our zoo trip was a peacock showing off its plumage.
My four-year old son was particularly taken with it.
that evening, he couldn't wait to tell his father"
"Dad, guess what I say!! I saw a Christmas tree come out of a Chicken!!"
(carol howard)

well that's all for tonight---Happy thoughts go your way---
Hugs, Di&co


  1. I would have never ever noticed it either until you pointed it out. It is still so beautiful.

  2. I actually thought you had done it on purpose, so I didn't comment :))It was cute with the one block different ....
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. I would never have noticed it!! It's a quick fix though if you want to change it. Love your "patience"!!! I must get my fabric out and put some sashing on mine, to make it look prettier and to try to see what on earth it might become!

  4. Pretty quilt even with the "wayward" ribbon!
    Well done Di :)

  5. I am one of the guilty that looked at it yesterday and never noticed at thing--other than it looks really nice with the bows. Now I must get busy on Patience don't I?? Oh dear.

  6. It looks great no mater where the ribbons are. It is funny that nobody noticed you were backwards though. I guess they were too busy admiring the quilt :)

  7. I love your My Christmas Wish quilt. I hope to make that one myself someday. I hope that you are having a great weekend!


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