Sunday, January 3, 2010


Oh you ask what is it??????  Well--you will have to read down to end of the post to see and be sure to let me know if you like it or not????  Thanks!!!!

Ok I did my "looking back" at 2009 and I decided there is only one way to describe it ---WOW--WHAT A RIDE!!!!!----I can not believe how much I did get finished and I can not believe how much I have started and need to finish!!!!!

I finished over 62 projects--complete--at least on my end--some of the embroidery pieces I did was shop samples and I only had to do that part--but each pattern had several blocks to it--so it was a large project just in itself!!!!
And I did not begin to count all the block of the month's blocks that I have started for all the bom's I was in last year--some are all done--just need to be put together--some I still need to do more blocks!!!!

Plus it was a year with some surprises in it--first my Little sister moved here from SC in January and in June she actually moved into the Jefferson here!!!!
In February there was TWO big changes in my life (as if having little sister here was enough!!!) I started my first blog site---AND---I won a 10 year disability case---yep took 10 years--but it is finally over--from that phone call on there was some changes--and as a bonus for all the "waiting" I did get a couple nice 'extra" checks--and that meant some changes--like being able to get a newer much needed computer--faster Internet services and some needed household equipment and lots of new quilting stuff!!!!! 

But there was some "hard" times too---my health issues continue to keep me a Prisoner at home--(but I really do enjoy being a Hermit--I can quilt everyday)
The heart ache of seeing  one of your best friends and fellow neighbors suffer with cancer and all you can do is try to make her laugh at life and make her a cup of tea each day!!!

I am sooo excited I actually have the first BOM for 2010 all done---yep---

Isn't this the cutest block--course I love lady bugs--so that does help!!!!!

And I did get some "picking" up done in the sewing/bedroom today and I finally got the clean sheets on the bed that have been sitting beside the bed since Tuesday!!!!!


Oh--here is a picture of the bag of crushed walnut shells that I got at the Pet-co yesterday!!

And here is my Hoosier all decorated with my snowmen for the winter and let me tell you it was VERY COLD HERE TODAY  WITH THE WIND CHILL WAY BELOW "0"---OUCH!!!!!

OKay Lady Bug says it is time to reveal the new name-----so here goes----

Hugs, Di & co.

What do you think?????


  1. 62 projects! Wow. I am planning on trying to stay home more so I can get more done. I need to start my Christmas presents now for next year.

  2. Congrats - I am so happy for you that you finally won that case! Working in the legal field, I see a lot of people who have to wait several years to get what is coming to them. 10 years is a long time! Love your hoosier cabinet & decs, and the fact you finished 62 projects... impressive! For that fact alone, I say Di & co. is perfect. You finish more projects than most of us could dream of finishing - that is where the "& co." comes in. You alone do the work of many! ;-) Blessings to you in 2010! Glad to have found you this past year! -Tammy

  3. "Di and co."...I like it. It has a nice feel to it.

    I know part of the struggle of trying to get on disability. We have been fighting for Hubby for a year now and that has felt like a lifetime! 10 years is way too long. I really think they hope people will give up with all the things they make you do. We are on our second lawyer now and things seem to be going better. Should actually find out this month whether it's a go or we need to fight some more. Fingers crossed.

    62 finished projects is wonderful! Throughout the year it doesn't seem like we are accomplishing much but the end of the year tally shows just how busy we were.

    Can't wait to see what projects you work on this year...

  4. I love the new name. It is very appropriate I think. I am amazed at how many projects you have completed. Puts me to shame. I have not counted mine yet, but I am pretty sure that the starts out weigh the finishes. This yeaar will be better!!!! At least once I get stuff to work with! Congrats on your case--it is nice to be able to treat yourself to some selfish goodies. You have earned it. L,A-

  5. Yeh...I like it too. :-)
    I pray that 2010 is one of joys and blessings, dreams fulfilled, and laughter ringing louder than ever.

  6. Oh, just popped over to your blog (as it is in my blog list) duh!! and am so happy for you.. You must still be in shock.. but glad it is over. Keep bloggin', I love reading it and your work is fab.. I also started a blog, was so scared that I put it off. But now it is going good and I have had encouragement from other bloggers.. I am followers of yours too.Drop in sometime to check us out.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the walnut shells. They are good for stuffing pin cushions..I have been using crushed oyster shells but years ago I did some with walnuts and really liked them


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