Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I did some "blog hopping" last night and I could not believe what I was reading and seeing --- IT SEEMS NOBODY LIKES WINTER ANYMORE---I don't get it really!!!
A couple even had backgrounds in Valentine's style already---AND ---NOW GET THIS---A LOT OF THEM HAD UP "SPRING" BACKGROUNDS ALREADY!!!!
I am sorry I just don't get it??????

SOOOOOOO---I made a decision--I am going to give you all a nice "warm" winter blog posts for the rest of January---so we can all really enjoy this season--I mean we are all "complaining" about how fast time is "flying" and then look at what we are doing---skipping January, February and March--and going into spring---NOPE--not allowed bloggers!!!!

So hang on to your "teeth"---I meant your "hats" cause we are going to enjoy and really appreciate the Winter!!!!!
OK I am off my "soap-box" for tonight=====

Let's see what "did" I do today--OH--that's right -- today was my 'friends' Anne's day to be here and quilt--she worked on a jungle panel quilting  for a baby blanket and I worked on hand quilting my Christmas wish quilt top--it is coming along--but I still have alot of quilting on it yet---ouch!!!!

This afternoon I sneaked into the sewing room and did some more "work"--see I am not doing the "c" word right now--just sorting and rearranging---got the two - three drawer units cleaned out and moved in the closet--then refilled up the drawers.   Later I worked at going through alot of the new fabrics to see if other new ones would mix'n'match with some and did find some nice combo's--plus I must say I found some "surprises" in the pile---you know those fabrics you had ordered and put away and then forgot about????

Do keep warm and stay under a nice "soft-warm" quilt that you have made--remember that is why we do what we do????

What sort of ball doesn't bounce??????

A snowball!!!!!

Di & co.


  1. I have a few of "those fabrics" myself.

  2. I'd give anything for a bit of your cold weather right now , we are hot , hot , hot here !

  3. Winter is OK if I can be indoors with a cuppa and visit blogland :)

  4. Well, I am with you on this one for sure. When it is summer my sweet honey complains about mowing, when it is fall he complains about leaves falling and having to get them up, now it is winter and his complaint is that he can't get out and mow or blow leaves off the deck and driveway!! Ha! I laugh to myself about this all the time so yes, I agree that we need to embrace where we are at the moment.

  5. Yep! This is the perfect weather for staying inside and sewing!! Something about that gray sky makes you want to pull out some cheery fabric. Unearthing buried fabric treasures is always good too.

  6. I'm with you. I love winter. I love the snow. I love when the snow falls and when I walk on it. I love the bare branches up against the blue sky (or night sky). Love it all!!!! Thanks for standing up to the weathermen who make it seem like a snowfall is the worst possible catastrophe. God bless. Linda


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