Sunday, January 17, 2010


OKAY---Di&co---we did not get a post "out" of you yesterday---soo what's up???

AH---OH I know --- it is Little sister's fault!!!!!  she decided that we needed a trip over town and some fresh air and sunshine--so after I got back from seeing Mary we took off----
First stop was the SPCA thrift store---I am always sooo "torn" when I go in there--they are a "high-end" thrift store (their words)---and the prices shout that out loud and clear--so it is hard for me to find anything to buy there--here's the two treasures I got there--

both are cute--but did I really need them?????  Little sister and I decided we were just going to buy things at the store--cat food--dog food, paper towels etc and take that over to help them out!!
then we went to one of shops that has reopened since the fire over town--that was not a good experience either--the owner's wife was there, only she did not know any prices and Nothing was priced--so my question is "how can you sell things if nothing is priced and she would not give you a price????" Plus again--what little was priced was way tooooo high!!!!   Is is garage sale time yet????

Sooo our next stop was the Quilt shop---that place I know I can "find" some goodies in---and we  were on a mission anyways---- I signed up to do this--

Kelly from Charming gals is doing this one and it is on January 23, all day--I have never done a sew-in before--sooo who knows what will happen?????

this selection of fabric came home with us--some are new--like the two light colored ones with the hearts and a couple of the pinks and some of the reds where on her clearance section--so we finally had some fun--searching and matching and collecting the fabrics!!!  And---

I also got some of these three for my stash??????  What can I say-----!!!!

We did stop at the Pizza place and ate a hot slice of pizza before we came home--yummmy!!!

then I get a phone call from none other than Middle sister and she and her husband are in town and she had some books for us--so we went down to their van and looked at books--I did get a couple -- but little sister took all the rest--we did finally exchange Christmas gifts--

Sister knows I like cats!!!

And hats---

And plates---actually she said this was the "Ugliest" plate in color that she has ever seen--but it had my name written alllll over it---yep--I think she is right--now to find some wall space in my workshop to hang it up---plus
they gave me a Walmart card for $25--and today I have thought of "lots" of way of spending that card!!!!!

Sooo--by the time this was over---I was exhausted--so it was time for my "power" nap--did nap--but unfortunately NO power showed up---

So I did this--and now it is ready for the backing and batting then there is more trims to add---

I thought I would read alittle before visiting "blog land"---only---I ended up reading the "whole" book--got finished at 1:00 am--so that was the end of my day!!!

Sunday--I knew that if I did not do the "c" word today I would really be in trouble with the Judge and the Quilt Police--sooo---I did muddle along today---and I did finally get my work room all done and "cleaned"--here's the proof---

The brown shopping bag in this photo is filled with some of my strips and scraps for the "string quilt" challenge I am in---the next pile is Mending--you know that pile that gets shifted around alot!!!! 

I kept thinking there is something missing on my "bed" and here it is!!!!


OH Dear--he looks to be in "trouble" here?????
but if he is not totally melted--he may be "saved" by morning--they are talking ice and snow after the rain we are now getting---SOOOO--hang in there Mr. Snowman--relief is on it's way---



  1. Oh my word, Di, you had a PRODUCTIVE day - even with all the visiting - you had time for the "C" thing. Are you my new idol or what?

    We had family here all day. I made spaghetti and watched football and now have a little alone time to catch up on blogs.

    Sounds like you need a good night's rest. Sleep well, my friend.

  2. I like the snowman! And so relaxing looking at the photos of your tidy workroom .... as long as I don't look at mine:)

  3. I think I got tired just reading about everything you have been up to. I love your gifts from sis, including the plate. It is very appropriate. Your room looks great, so now you can play all you want and not have to worry about any police for a really long time. Have fun!!! L, A-

  4. You have been a very busy bee lately! Your "office" looks great! Now you will be able to work more efficiently.

    Some thrift stores charge too much now a days. Our local Goodwill is one of those that seems to overcharge. In some cases I can buy a brand new shirt at Walmart for the same price as a basic shirt at Goodwill. We do have a Kiwanis thrift store that has very reasonable prices. Plus, they have sales all the time.

    Love the Valentine fabric! I haven't gone out to pick any up yet but I really want to...soon.

  5. What a fun day! Love your new fabric -- and a hot slice of pizza sounds SO GOOD! I'm so excited you're joining us for the Valentine Party--YEAH!! Can't wait to see what you make!


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