Sunday, February 7, 2010


I actually finished reading another book last night---
A couple people who had already read this one---said it was "dry" reading at some spots----WELL---I enjoyed the whole book---there is some history of the state of Iowa in here---but it was very interesting---then the author tells her own story in it at certain spots--but again I found this to be very interesting---she is a woman of courage who does not give up even when the going gets really "rough"--plus we are the same age and alot of her experience seem to match mine in different ways--yet the same ---I know that was probably double talk--but????  All I can say it was a great read and I enjoyed it all!!!
The water "puddle" is still a mystery and I hope it just stays "dry" now---it is one mystery that I can leave unanswered--if you know what I mean????
ONLY 6 MORE DAYS TILL THE RED HEART DAY----are you ready yet?????

I have 'HIGH" hopes of finding my dinning room table tomorrow--so that I can decorate it for Valentines!!!!!
I did more cleaning and rearranging and decluttering today---now I just have all the "orphans" to decide what to keep and what to pass on?????

WELL--TOMORROW IS MONDAY and I will be back to "balancing" all my chores and stitching ----- sooooo



  1. Remember to always tip the balance slightly in the direction of the sewing. I must tell myself that too. After I finish a bit of laundry that is. I hope your mystery remains that way--leaks are no fun.

  2. I wish I had a table to put all my "extras" on. I think I would be a happier de-clutter-er. I never seem to find the energy to get anything to Goodwill. Most of the time I just put things out to the road a couple days before trash pick-up. Surprisingly, most of it finds a new home.


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